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Hill responds to Chase's letter pleased with a recent meeting mentioned by Chase as well as a proposal regarding an edition of the American Prayer Book. Hill informs Chase he will be in London soon and hopes to see him.






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Chesterfield March 31st 1824

Right Rev. and very Dear Sir

I am ashamed of having so long neglected to acknowledge your very obliging communication from York. I do indeed rejoice in the cordial [reception] given to the [Cause] of Ohio its Representatives: and in the satisfactory adjustment of those differences which caused you no small anxiety when you were here, I recognize the fulfillment of the delightful promise made to those whose “ways please the Lord.”

I am much pleased by the Proposal respecting a Stereotype Edition of the American Prayer Book & the result of my inquiries in Derby & Sheffield enable me to undertake the disposal of about 40, supposing the price not to exceed 2 lb -or 30 if it does not exceed 4 lb.

I shall work probably, D.V., be in London early in May, & it would give me sincere [pleasure] again to meet you. It is not improbable that I may see you at the [?] or [?] Meeting.

With Mrs. Hill’s kindest respects, to which I am sure would be added [thru] of all my friends here, if they knew of my [?], I remain, with much respect,

Right Rev. Sir,

Your most faithful [Servt],

Thomas Hill

Letter to Philander Chase



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