Philander Chase



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Recounting how Philander Chase was cleared of the haircutting crime.




Dartmouth, expulsion, Noyes


D. College May 17th -95

Dear Brother,

Nothing has turned up since you went from here worth mentioning. The government have had up [?] but what they said to him I know not. The judgment concerning the honors being taken, is not brought in as yet. However, I think there will be but little done as the Authority have found some of their favorites familiarly instrumental in the past. What my dear Brother, would have been my punishment, judging from the nature of the offense, had I been guilty of this crime! I should have [?] off the books very [?]. I have heard from Herbert, though so indirectly that I cannot rely on the news as truth; that he was in Albany in York State. Mr. Hashell who was in Concord about a week ago, where Mr. Cordire informed him that he had heard, though indirectly that Herbert had gone to the aforesaid place. Our father will be here about a week from tomorrow as he has written me with the [?] and I think I shall ride home with him, however it is probable that shall be at Randolph this vacation. I want to see Pierce at [??] and drink a glass in honest friendship once more with him. Indeed my [?] attachment.

This generous soul has ever been great--give him my best wishes for his prosperity in his business.

If I do not go [?], come [?] here and the [?] if you can for it is not likely. I shall see you again I know not when--you know why. Write to me every opportunity and depend on it. I will answer you promptly. I am by no means happy here, Since you went away I have felt more disagreeably than ever. However I strive to forget my feelings in my studies.

If you have an opportunity I wish you would write to Harding. That good soul would feel ever grateful if you should. This likely you can send by the post.

I am ever your loving brother

Philander Chase

P.S. My respects to Mr. and Mrs. [?]ire

Letter to Dudley Chase



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