Philander Chase



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Philander updates Rachel on his family's health. He offers her a teaching job.




[Salmon P. Chase]; Mary Chase; Philander Chase Jr.; Reverend Benjamin Moore; Mr. Deerfield; New Orleans, LA; education; teaching


My dear dear sister!

Your letter came to hand a few days [?]. I am very glad that you still remember [us] this afar off-and still more rejoice that your health is [reestablished]. We have seen much affliction; but this the consideration and [conviction] that it came from Him who knoweth what is best for us we are content and fair would be glad. By the same Being who [chastized] we are now restored to peace, health and as far as state and nature of this [?] world will permit, to happiness. Salmon’s troubles were meant to bring him near to his God-and I hope they will not fail of having this effect. You see, my dear sister, were to see and really a Particular [Providence] in all which befalls, or is supposed to befall us; the [?] of sorrow would be deprived of its [business] and the [arrows] of affliction, of their poison.

Mrs. Chase is now in better health than at any time since she [came] to this place. Now cheering in a day of [sunshine] after a long season of gloomy and cloudy weather! Philander is grown hearty again, and as for myself pretty well.-- The great expense we were at in the time of our sickness and [caused] some of my friends in this place to send , unbeknown to me, a memorial to the vestry of Trinity Church, for my relief they have reported [?] heard in my favor. For the amount of 150 [?]. This will enable me to pay off many of my debts and begin to live again. For this I am exceedingly thankful. This God knows, how unworthy I am for such signal blessings. We have now with us two Little Boys for the boarding and educating of whom I recieve 50 currently per ann: each. If I could be sure of 5 or 6 more I would invite you to come over and help take the charge of them: in which case we could be able to afford you 100 dollars a year beside your board. This [Arithmetical] part in [pecuniary] matters is [necessary]—although between an affectionate Brother and Sister I trust there would be far more noble motives in the [proportion] of the [plan]. Be it as it may--I pray you to hold yourself in readiness to gratify the wishes of a fond Brother whenever he can make it an object to you. I seriously contemplate the business- and in case I once succeed in completing the [number] of boys, with Gods blessings I have no doubt but it will be permanent.

I wish you would write to me immediately after reception of this; telling me how it would suit you to come and spend say 4, 5, 6 or an indefinite number of years with us on the following conditions [?]. To be boarded and have the [society] of, and make happy, your Brother and Sister--To take the charge of the English education of 9 or 10 young boys and recieve every quarter of a year 25 dollars. You will I suppose have to spend as much as 4 hours in a day with them the rest you may spend mending your duds and in reading for your own amusement, and for the instruction of a young woman who is coming to live with us.

This last named person is blind- and one the best good Christians you ever sent--The is [?] live with us for the purpose of attaining a knowledge of the Scriptures, of history, geography [?]. She’s of a rich family and will be enabled to furnish herself with a house library which no doubt you would be glad to glean. Will you come and enable me to carry on this excellent plan? If you will is may be well for you--and I am sure it will be so for me; for I am not able to live upon the money which I now receive in these hard times.Write me your mind and in case you consent to come I will set myself about promising the sufficient number of Boys; [and] if I succeed, we will contrive the most speedy and proper way of getting you here. What will our Dear Parents think of this? This staggers me--Pray [consult all] things, and determine. At the same time I wish you not to [consider] the matter as certain will you hear from me again for fear of a [disappointment]. [?] I can promise the boys at all I shall not expect they will come till spring.

I do not know of any importance which I can tell you--We have gotten a new [Bishop] - now the Right Reverend Benjamin Moore D.D one of the best men in the world.

I have not rec[eive]d a letter from our fond Father since I wrote him. I would very glad to receive an answer to the things i wrote in my last to him. I [??] at Mr. Bearfield’s getting into N.Order’s he is as orrant an [importer] as breathers. I was told by a member of the late Convention in [?] that he appeared there for the purpose of being put in the Ministry--but as soon as he received the last he (horrible to relate) got most shamefully inebriated!!! I have written to the [Master]’s Clergy and B[is]h[op] about the bill. I am sure if there be any discipline he will soon be disciplined.

Our love and duty our Parents

God help you

P. Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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