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Caldecott requests information regarding Bishop Chase. He informs Marriott of the status of an appeal at Oxford.




Bishop Chase, Bishop Hobart, Greswell, Oxford, Appeal, Information



Brasenose May 9th

My Dear Uncle,

Mr. Greswell desires me to write for more information. He is the best friend to the Bishop of all who are in Oxford and deserves to be thanked by everyone interested in the cause. He spares no time or trouble in spreading the appeals, and in visiting all the tutors and fellows with whom he has the slightest acquaintance. But he says that wherever he goes, many questions are put to him, which he cannot answer, and will be thankful for any communication with respect to the Bishop. The amount of the subscription, what the Dignitaries of the Church subscribe, and what persons of note or authority besides those before mentioned have added their names to the list; and particularly whether Mr. Norris approves of the [Bp] object. For it seems that a pamphlet of his, or at least something in print has found its way to Oxford, and had some influence. Copies of the appeal are on their way to Dr. [?] The Dean of Christchurch, & Dr. Lloyd the Professor. But there seem to be none that are well informed upon the subject. When I mentioned to Mr. Cardwell he could not believe that Bishop Hobart had withdrawn his opposition, and moreover he told me of an evening’s conversation he had with him in which the Bp was very communicative until he inquired after a [Bp] Chase, when the very name made the Bp “draw in his horns.”

If you would write as soon as possible to tell me anything about the Bishop, it would be very serviceable now while so great a number of appeals is spreading in the University. Tho’ you sent a list of very high names, a few more like them will add to the effect. [Mr. Greswell feels that it were better if anyone rather than a mere bachelor of arts were mentioned in every College as the supporter of the cause. You know the Oxonian feelings of rank and standing.]

With many thanks for your kind invitation of which I hope to avail myself in a few years, and love to my aunt, for whom I will prepare some specimens of the [?] as soon as the indistinguishable cause of the Bishop of this will permit. Believe me.

Ever Your Affectionate Nephew,

R.M. Caldecott

(P.S. The Vacation begins the 1st of July

Mr G. hopes that you will write such a letter as may be shown in the University, being without domestic information.)

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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