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Gambier encourages Chase to counteract the unfavorable opinion of him and his cause by publishing a concise explanation of his cause to be circulated among potential benefactors. He mentions Chase's desire to be introduced to Sir Thomas Baring.




Puttenham 16 Dec. 1823

My dear Sir

Your letter of the 13th [?] not has been delay’d on its way to my hand by my continuance at this place. My letter to you of the 11th I wrote with a view to your making use of it in any way that you might think fit, in the whole or in part, to counteract, (in any statement you may make of your objects and views) the effects of the opinions not only of Bishop Hobart but of other persons in this country that were unfavorable to your good Cause. In full consideration of the subject, I am of opinion that a statement of the circumstances of the People of your Diocese and their Spiritual wants with your views and wishes, and the plan for the college, should be drawn up as concisely as may be practicable and circulated among the friends of Religion; and I have no doubt but that there are very many in this favor’d Land who will readily from cheer abundance and after satisfying other demands upon their charity, contribute towards the support of so good a Cause as that which you so earnestly advocate.

You mention’d a wish you had to be introduced to Sir. Tho. Baring. I would take the liberty of recommending your sending your letter of introduction to his Brother Baring and if you meet with a favorable reception from him, of which I have no doubt, he would be the best person to introduce you to Sir Thomas

I remain thy dear Sir, with sincere regard

Your faithfully Servant,


Letter to Philander Chase



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