Philander Chase



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Philander invites his sister to stay for the winter.




Mary Chase; Dudley Chase; St. Mark's Church, NY; Salley; Claudia; Clarissa


Poughkeepsie Nov. 28

Dear Sister,

If I were asked the question: what worldly pleasure was the one on which I [?] my heart the most? I would say that it is that of seeing yourself and Dudley and his wife at our house this winter; --and I am of opinion that Mrs. Chase would [?] to the same answer if the same question were just to her. --We talk of this at our rising up, at our lying down. --We talk of this when we set around our little fireside; when my wife hath laid her knitting work and I have laid aside my book and pen. We count the weeks that are to pass before your [?] -- we remember the days in the [?] before us. Do not disappoint us -- if you do you’ll break our hearts.

You will find us living in a plain homely [?] with no ornaments but peace, and no riches but the blessings of God in a [?] and good conscience. Mrs. Chase has fought hard against a discontented spirit that had begun to rise in my ungrateful breast --The dear woman has almost conquered. --The truth is I am away from my dear [re]lations --my murmuring have begun in my heart and made their way in sighs and moans; yet I wish - I strive to be content - God has rest my lot here and has given an affectionate congregation of Christians around me to make the burdens of this life set easy. Are they not friends and relations to me? They must serve as such till we all meet in heaven.

I am very much [?] - to make two sermons a week, read what is necessary [for] that purpose and to do the other duties of a Parish minister is almost too much for me. Just after the news of Clarissa’s death, departed this life one of our best friends, a woman of great goodness, piety and charity to the Church, in this [?] --How seldom is one affliction without its fellow!! Afflictions to whom, to us, to them, we hope it is joy unspeakable.

I preached a sermon upon her death with I will read you when you come and see us. -- I wish that I would have attended the funeral of dear Clarissa. How [?]ly do we speak and how [?]ly do others hear when the heart is engaged -- when we have reality before our eyes.

I have been of late on a visit to New York. -- The Vestry of St. Mark’s Church in that place have given me a call to come and be their Rector. This for reasons which I will tell you, I have [?]. Tell our dear Father I love him it seems better than ever and Mother too -- pray him to write me a letter a mile long when you come, about Church and State. I will find him a new Publication equal to the [??] if he will send me 16 Doll. They came out in the form of a Magazine in [?] and are now enough to make a large volume.

The title is The Anti-Jacobin Review. It contains criticisms on everything both Religious, Moral and Political. He will be delighted with it. If he wishes to have this, desire him to send me word soon that I may purchase a full set for him from N. York.

I wish you would forgive the errors of this letter. Contrive to [?] me all the news you can any ways pick up -- do not forget the least [?] that relates to any story of importance for the courts. My duty to Mother, tell her I would very [?] obliged to her for a good [?] of butter this winter for your hands. Oft she says [?], to this tell her I will pay her as much as she can get in [?] for it [?] right [?] on the nail. The article is too dear here for poor folks to use. Write to Dudley and tell him not to forget the...nor the garden seeds.

And what I most [?] on you Dear sister is to burn this heap of nonsense up as soon as you have cast your eyes over it. -It is so foolish that I dare not read it over for fear it would receive the [?] from myself.

Love me as you always did. Our best love to Salley and the little girls.



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