William White



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Fragment of letter to Chase refusing to support his trip to England.




Philadelphia, PN


Bp. White, Bp. Chase, English Voyage


Phil’a Ang[?]

Copy of a letter of R.Rev White to R.Rev Philander Chase

Rt. Rev and dear Sir

I rec’d your letter of July 22 a few days ago, and that of the 29 this day. In the former you intimate your desire that I w’d address to you a letter approbatory of your design of repairing to England to solicit pecuniary beneficence for the Church in Ohio and in the letter you request that I may cause prayers to be put up for the success of the Design.

As the contemplated measure seems to me to emnace consideration, interesting to our Church at large I find it incumb[ers] [sic] me to decline compliance with you [but] not without great pain on account of [the] necessity which I conceive to be [imposed on] me by official consistency.

At the time of organizing our Church there has sentiment more current with those concerned in the business than the expediency of avoiding all application to a foreign source except in the single act of obtaining the Episcopal [Susception] a line of Conduct towards our Mother Church not dictated by want of affection or of respect which was hoped to be cherish[ed] for her to the end of time but bec[ause] of the effect which might be [produced in our] civil interests in the United [States]. Your case is not the first which has brought the subject into view. Whether a lapse of nearly 40 years have caused a change of opinion in this respect is more than I have material to Judge of but I trust for myself that after having acted on principle through so long a of [sic] time my continuance will not be impacted ether to want of affection for a Brother Bishop [or] of seal for the prosperity of our Church [I do not] wonder that you should

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Will White

Fragment to letter to Philander Chase



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