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George Yerger suggests some ways for Philander Chase to raise money to protect Jubilee College following his lawsuit.




Philander Chase, George Yerger, Mississippi, Jubilee College, lawsuit, confiscation of land, finances, donations


Vicksburg Feb. 21 1852

Rt Rev’d P. Chase

Robins Nest, Ill.

My Dear Sir

I have just received your favor, enclosing an extract of a letter written by you to a friend at a distance, in relation to the loss of your lawsuit. I was deeply grieved & pained to hear of this loss. After your labor & toils, and after the extreme vigilange[sic] which you displayed in every step you took, it is indeed hard, that it has availed you so little. The Church is interested in maintaining your institution, and I hope throughout this broad union a [?] will be realised to meet your wants, and restore, or rather enable you to retain an institution which is greatly needed in the west & which bids fair to send many laborers into the Lords vineyard.

There is wealth enough on the Church to save your institution and not feel it. What we have is given to us by our Almighty Father. A part at least, in proportion to our Means, is due to him. Covetousness--selfishness- a want of self denial. Worldly gratifications, all of which are inconsistent with our baptismal vows, are the great & prevailing sins of the day/

I hope God may open all our eyes, and “let us see ourselves as he sees us.” If we could behold ourselves rightly, how different would be our conduct: We should then think more of God & his Kingdom and would labor more zealously to promote its extension than we do.

But it is useless to talk of these things--there are many thank God, that are willing to contribute their mite, where duly requires it. The question is how & what is the best lan to relieve you. You may get something by writing to individual friends, but I fear you will not get enough. Those that would be most willing, may be least able. Take this Diocese for example. You have many friends I doubt not here--many who would be desirous to help you, but they have been severely tried in the last few years to Support the Church here. It requires all we can raise to get along with our Institution which we have just [Commenced] & to support the Episcopate and our Missionary operations. The drain has been heavy on some of us, and much beyond the means of many of us.

Now however willing these persons may be to keep you, they feel they have contributed & are still contributing to the extent of their ability, (I of course mean only those who look upon this as a sacred duty). Under such circumstances I fear a great deal could not be expected

Now how would a plan of this kind do. Address an appeal to the churches or rather the Dioceses, state the facts--the probable loss of the valuable property, and of the Institution (if such be the fact) State what a contribution of $2.50 for each Clergyman from each Diocese will pay the debt. There are about 1600 Clergy, which at 2.50 each, would raise four thousand Dollars, and appeal, or write to some few individual friends of your own as well as of the Church, to undertake to raise for you in their respective Dioceses, the amount--perhaps you better say three dollars, as their[sic] might be a falling off. State also, if God will bless your efforts, and a larger sum should be collected, than you need, it will be devoted to Domestic Missions: the latter is merely a suggestion & if you think it would have a tendency to prevent the money from being raised, leave it out. Do you not think a plan of this kind will succeed. We have 21 or 22 Clergy in the State of Mississippi, and by way of starting, you have a friend in Mississippi who now agrees to raise & send you from Mississippi three Dollars for each of [her] clergymen: I will at all events do what I can in any way.

I wrote you long ago, giving you my opinion about your recovering from Ohio your claims [to] not having heard from you on the Subject I fear my letter has miscarried: God bless you & your endeavors, to extend his Kingdom: I hope, if it is his will, we may once more meet at the General Convention, if not sooner.

I am truly

Yr friend & Sr

Geo. [I] Yerger

Letter to Philander Chase



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