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The college has not been doing well and some students have staged a rebellion of sorts against the Tutors. Salmon is doing unexpectedly well.




Cincinnati, OH


marriage of Philander Chase Jr. and Rebecca Chase; Intrepid Morse; George Chase; General Harrison; Salmon P. Chase; William Sparrow; Cincinnati College


My dear Son Philander;

Ever since the rec. Of your letter dated at Zanesville just after you and your Dear Rebecca had commenced housekeeping, my thoughts have been absent from you scarcely for a moment. What would you have thought if my invisible pressure had kept my Cogitations company? As it is hardly an hour passes but you and Rebecca are the subject of conversation between the members of our Family. Even Little Henry has learned to repeat Rebecca’s name and to tell the colour of her eyes, shoes and gown: to which he seldom fails to add what we are all fond to teach him that “he loves her dearly.”

That we have had as smoother water on the Ocean of our College as in the peaceful harbour of our own family I can not say. Several squalls have so set the Deep in motion as to cause some hearts to tremble. One large vessel has foundered never to rise. Three have capsized and two are on their beans end. What will then final [?] is not known.

Do not however think that because I indulge in this metaphor, any levity has been shewn in the process. On the contrary the Faculty have gone on with great deliberation and unanimity of sentiment, and no doubt is entertained of its eventuating in good. The case was this.

The Sophs had made much noise in the College during the hours of study. In consequence as the mildest punishment the Faculty passed an order that the Tutor should in the afternoon retrain there in the R[?] Room during study hours. At this I[?]’s son of Piqua and two others were much offended, and refusing obedience to the Tutor's commands to stay went their way. Complaint of this being entered by the Tutor they refused to make the required apology; and justified their conduct. From this they proceeded a raise a rebellion in the other students and succeeded so far as to get 11 names to a paper addressed to the Faculty dictating that the delinquents should not be punished and accusing the Tutor of Tyranny.

The great impropriety of this said paper having been represented to them by their friends eight out of the eleven begged erase their names, this being permitted to them and the rest refusing to say that they tho’t their conduct improper were suspended.

One of the first offenders has made the [requite satisfaction]. The other two remain in a suspended state. I[?] the Ring Leader is one of them and a Reader is the other. I have run into this detail because Mr. Morse, when here, being in the comment of the troubles, told us he should tell you and begged us to inform you of the result. All is now quiet and we hear of no [?] probation of our conduct tho’ the last censure fell on one of Genl Harrison’s sons.

Salmon has done wonders. Being in the company of Mr. Sparrow and being entirely from company, he meets with unusual praises from his Tutor. If he go on no doubt is entertained but he will at the end of the term bear an examination which will entitle him to a place among the Sophs.

Your Mother and Mrs. R and all the Children join in expressions of all love to you and Rebecca. Pray read thro’ Taylor...Geo. says he died without a will.


Your mother has been quite ill with a broken heart. Another induration is forming which I can not be [?]. She has suffered much but as usual without a murmur a sigh of complaint!

In the letter before mentioned from George I learn that your Hond Grandmother is well as well as all others of your Bethel Randolph and Royalton Friends.

Uncle March Chase’s as late goes to Brothers and Sisters or their heirs. Geo. mentions my share is about $40. This may help me to pay you or some other Hungry Creditor.

Letter to Philander Chase Jr



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