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John Lloyd Johnston describes the pleasant experiences he has had among the English in Carrollton, Illinois.




John Lloyd Johnston, Philander Chase, Carrollton, California, Green County, English, Methodists, Illinois


Athensville, Green Co.

Feb. 18th 1850.

Rt. Rev’d, and very Dear Bishop,

I have just returned from Carrolton[sic], the county seat of Green, having been there in performance of your wish expressed in your last letter to me.

I called upon Judge Woodson who was represented to me as being an Episcopaian, but upon conversation with him I came to the conclusion that it was not expedient to open my mind and business to him, for he seemed to me to be anything but a Churchman; indeed I went away under the impression that he was a dissenter or one opposed to the Church. I next called upon Mr. Hodges, whose brother is a Church Clergyman, and who together with his lady, professed to be attached to the Church. From him I learned that Judge Woodson, was the sole remaining member of the vestry belonging to the parish that you organized when passing through Carrolton[sic] some years since. Another of the vestry, Mr Stith, was residing a few miles off in the country. Mr. [Chester], the only active Churchman and the gentleman through whose instrumentality you formed the parish had gone to California. And Mr. McGruder’s family had returned to Maryland. This is all the account which I could obtain of the parish which you once organized.

The english around Carrolton[sic] whose handsome farms and dwellings lie scattering over a wide extent are all either infidels or methodists and as from all these characters I have invariably met with abuse, I went to see none of them. The weather was extremely unpleasant and the toads bad; my horse not a very good one, and incapable of enduring the necessary fatigue which visiting among these farmers, who I hope are not altogether lost to the Church, would require. My own health was very indifferent, having scarcely recovered from my late attack of illness, and almost worn our by my journey to the Carrolton[sic] of 36 miles. No one had invited me to their house nor given me any inducement to expect a congregation. Mr. Hodges thought it probable that I would obtain one, if I would leave an appointment for some Sabbath with him. This I promised to do, when I had a vacant sabbath, and so left them, my slender purse and my bill at the tavern not permitting me to remain any longer. I am now back on my way to Waverly and have left appointments for Sunday night at Scottville and Monday night at Athens. Sunday, I shall be at Waverly, one Sunday only being missed thro’ sickness. If the Lord will, I shall go to see the English around Carrolton[sic] when the weather, the roads, and my health is[sic] better.

With love to all at Jubilee I remain

Yours in respect and love John Lloyd Johnston


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Letter to Philander Chase



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