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Philander Chase asks the Archbishop of York, England to rein in the English in Illinois.




Philander Chase, Archbishop of York, York, England, America, Illinois, Protestant Episcopal Church, Protestant Church, Episcopal Church


Bishop Chase of Illinois North America, sending greeting to His Grace of York Eng’d Thomas Musgrave D.D.

May it please Your Grace

There are many families chiefly from Yorkshire England now suffering for the want of the means of grace in the vast Prairies of Illinois. For these I now appeal for relief to Your Grace’s wanted benevolence

To explain the nature and detail of the ground of my request, I inclose here with a letter lately received from the Rev J.L. Johnston, Deacon licenced to preach and baptize among the families a portion of the English people for whom I now plead.

Mr. J. was educated at Jubilee College and having been sent forth to labour on this most interesting labour has proved himself worthy, as may be seen by the 8th No of our humble publication called the “Motto” which I have pleasure in sending for Your Grace’s inspection.

It will be godlike and truly worthy of yr high station in the Church of the Redeemer, to seek and to save the wandering sheep of your own English fold who are now scattered over the praries[sic] of our Wester World. The Son fo God, the Great Shepherd once left the glories of his Father’s Kingdom and passing by the millions of worlds, (“ninety and nine in the parable) sought this our globe the one lost sheep, thereby manifesting condescension & love infinite in minutiae as in magnitude.

Imitate, I beseech your Grace, this transcendently glorious example by doing something worthy of your character in benefitting those of your own countrymen whom, from their very numbers, my own feeble abilities and great want of means, I can never reach.

It will ease my head & heart of the pain I suffer on their behalf--a pain which increases as I grow older being now in the 75th year of my age the greater part of which I have spent in ministering to the Spiritual necessities of British subjects.

Rember[sic] My Lord I am your Senior in suffering as in years--and thus approach nearer our Heavenly master than Your Grace. On this vantage ground I repeat the word of God in your ears. “Mind not high things, but condescend men of low estate” Thus, Dear Brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, manifest your faith to be well approved of in the sight of Him before whose bar of Judgment we must all soon appear

I should not write thus if I were not with great sincerity.

Your Grace’s most affectionate friend and Obedient Ser’t in the Lord Philander Chase

Bp of Ill and Presiding Bp of the Prot. Epis’l Church in the United States

Jubilee College

Dec’r 21

AD 1849

Letter to the Archbishop of York



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