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Philander Chase describes his Sunday to his sister Rachel.




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Jubilee College 18th of Nov 1849

My dear Sister Rachel:

It is monday. I have preached once but feel unable to attend Chh in the Afternoon. I rose this morning by peep of day and thought it my duty as usual to attend prayers with the Work-hands at [Hams] Hall where they lodge and eat their victuals, I called them down from their slumbers and talked to them about the 2d coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; and of the judgment which h will then pronounce on the quick and the dead I told them if they did not believe what the word of God had given them to understand on this subject, they would resemble the inhabitants of the earth when Noah was preaching to them of the coming of the flood. Unbelieve and carelessness never stopped the fulfilment of Gods promise. The flood came and destroyed them all and so now the judgment will come notwithstanding men strive to forget that any promise has been made and to disbelieve it tho’ it has been made. Concluding by exhortation I called them all to pray with me for grace to make a right use of what had been said. The appropriate Collects were then said concluding with the Lords pray in which they audibly joined saying Amen at the cose[sic]. I then bid them good morning and they sat down to breakfast

Returning to the College I found my dear wife up and engaged in preparing our own breakfast which we enjoyed alone; then family prayers and preparation for Chapel services. And at half past ten came our Son Henry with his buggy to take us to Church. The Sunday school was out and I asked Mr. Howe a candidate for Holy Orders to read prayers for me while I remained in the [channel] and read the Antecommunion service after which the 186 Hymn was sung, the organ performed by dear Sarah Dudley leading in an appropriate time. Then followed the Sermon--would that it had been better and more [?] to the sinner! After [?] the prayer and the benediction and then we rode home and taking my pen to write the letter to you I am now at the end of my story. And now I ask what think you of it? Does it offend you because of its simplicity? It tells you how I spendmy Sundays--in part--but not all about my meditations and thoughts of another an a better world to which we area ll so fast hastening. You and I dear sister are similarly situated--almost of the same age we shall likely go almost at the same time. If it be Gods will I should like ot meet you on the way as we pass thro’ the dark valley of the shadow of Death to the regions of Glory. The Door that opens to this blissful scene is Jesus Christ-- “I am the Door” saith he the pillars are the “Beauty” of his holiness; & the “Strength of his right arm to save. Who then, among them that believe on his name shall fear the powers of Death and Hell, rage they as the floods did when the Ark of the Covenany passed thro’ them unhurt? Not a soul who had continued faithful to the end was drowned. So will it be I trust with you & I your affectionate Brother Philander

P.S. Sunday evening 8 oclock

Your friend and relative the Rev Sam’l Case officiated in Peoria this day and adminisered[sic] the supper of the Lord to the Communicants of St Pauls Church in that City. Their beautiful Church ont[sic] yet being completed the service was performed in a small room--small in proportion to a respectable congregation to which our dear daughter Mary’s husband to Rev Mr Chamberlain usually ministers without any salary except what he draws of Our Diocesan Missionary Society.

The Rev Dudley Chase preached in two places today Lower and Upper Kikapoo.

[?] Philander Chase Jun’r also officiated [in two] places about 10 miles apart viz Brimfield 6 m from Jubilee & Princeville about 8 miles from us.

The wives of the two latter clergymen Sarah & Anna with heir children each two came and dined with me on a repast cooked solely by wife. Miss Ann Wells of Steubenville O. gave us the pleasure of her company as did a young woman a seamstress for a time living with Phila der and his wife whose little daughter is named Alice Corbett after our dear mother now in heaven. Their little son yet a babe is named Heber after our deceased Brother who died in South America

Ann Wells told me that the Rev Mr I Morse our loved Cousin will rejoice to hear that the special meeting of the House of Bishops which has been demanded by five Bishops to take place in Feby will be, and is postponed by the Presiding Bishop till the day next before that appointed for the session of the convention in Cincinnati Ohio AD 1850. What do you think of this? Is it not right to disappoint the wicked? Ever your loving brother Philander

Letter to Rachel Denison



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