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Josiah Allport, Reminiscences, Philander Chase, Jubilee College, finances, money, Catholicism




Josiah Allport, Reminiscences, Philander Chase, Jubilee College, finances, money, Catholicism


Birmingham Feb’y 1


Right Rev’d & very dear Sir

I duly received yours of last month, & was delighted once again to recognize your handwriting & pursue a letter which contained many gratifying statements & allusions. I also received by the same Post Dr. Totten’s printed letter the perusal of which was most gratifying tot me & lets me to thank God on your behalf & admired the goodness & grace of Divine Providence in sending such a man to you, to enter into all your estate & bear to the world such a testimony to your works of faith & labours of love. Oh that thro’ the same wonderworking Providence that man could be led & fixed among you. Your Institution & its important commanding position must require such a man, & he wd prove a help & a solace to you indeed -- a [stay] & a press under your infirmities of body which must be expected to increase. However that may be as God is the strength of your heart, may he continue to increase strength & be your joy & confidence to the end; & assuredly he will be your portion forever.

I do not think considering all things & especially looking at the nature & effects of your outlay on Jubilee Coll. & meditating the fruits which such a tree planted in such a wilderness is bearing & will bear that your dear children should attribute any blame. Instead of fastening any hard thoughts may they be partakers -- possessors of their Faith, & by & bye they could reap abundant fruits; & as to yourself, dear Sir, I think you have been providing precious things for them laying up for them treasures in heaven which will ere long bring in a fine a blessed a glorious interest. May they & you look up more confident for this interest & ere long it shall be showered down abundantly.

I have not yet seen your Reminisce’s I mean the new Edit’n. I [?] after a former letter from you in the beginning of last year if I recollect right I received a letter from a Bookseller at Boston I think relative to his supplying some copies from England. I sent that Letter to Seeley’s, London, & to encourage them to entertain the proposal said I would use my utmost influence to promote & stated that I knew of many of your friends who would I felt persuaded take copies, & that if they procured some I wd address such friends on the subject. I begged an answer if they acceded, & if not that they would return the letter to me. From that day to this they have neither done one thing nor the other. I will write to Mr Horne [?] about the matter & prevail on him if I can to see Mortimer whom you mention & try to interest him; & if anything can be done I will take the same course as I have specified above, but further I cannot pledge myself. My pecuniary means are so very so miserably limited & have been so greatly circumscribed of late as regards to the produce of any Church by the sad havock death has made in the old & staunch supporters of it, that had I not obtained the Chaplaincy to the [?] about a year & a half ago I know not what I should have done lately. But it has entailed on me an onus of work that is dreadfully laborious & unceasing. I have to preach 3 times on the Sabbath besides reading the prayers twice & to lecture or expound three & four times in the week besides with all the weight of visiting of sick in my vast district attending to my schools & the various [?] concerns & duties in connexion with these immediate calls. Then, with present day there are such a number of important projects arising in regard to Church extension - Education - provident [?] & a host of things I could mention & in all of which one is obliged to take some share in order to derive any contingent advantages to one’s own sphere, that the constant turmoil one is in is dreadful.

I have often thought of you & wished I could use some sort of interest or influence to render a little further help -- but the imperative calls of such onerous duties & the necessity of repeated appeals to every personal friend in order to go on myself & keep up my own concerns whole preclude the possibility of my doing more. In the hope I have mentioned -- I have neglected applying to the Editor of the Record & to Sir Walton Farquahar in whose [funds] some small balance on former accounts remains. But I believe I shall have occasion to visit London soon about some endowment to my Church & the settlement of a District to it -- Ecclesiast’l & legally -- & then I will look into that matter & get you an order for whatever it may be.

In the meantime believe me with the sincerest wishes & earnest prayers for my blessing guidance & success to attend & rest upon & regulate you & yours

Yours faithfully & affectionately

Josiah Allport

We have had a circumstance occur here whh has caused a great sensation & given a severe blow to the arrogance & assumption of the Romans. A Priest dared to take a Testament whh one of our Clergy had given a child of a poor Popish family a [?] his school, & [?] it & tell another Clergyman two days after, with personal threats & insult that he wd burn any boo of the kind he could find among his people! Five of us took it up & without [concert], preached from the same [?] the very type of this impious Rev’d.

[Jehovah] [?] the [Roll].

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