Philander Chase



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Philander Chase asks Samuel Chase to encourage Reverend Mr. J. to continue his studies.




Philander Chase, Samuel Chase, Reverend J., Mr. J., Fox's Acts and Monuments, Popery, Romanism


Dear Sam’l

I have this moment r’d yours of the 9th inst.

By this time the Rev Mr. J. is with you -- I could not write by him; but gave him verbally what I wished him to do viz Study his books -- go to the bottom of the argument -- and the baseness and utter corruption of Popery. To which let. “Fox’s Acts and Monuments” be constantly referred to. Bp Newton on the Prophecy = (I believe he wrote after he was consecrated on the [?] [?]_ a book tho’ one appointed to be read by all our students Mr J. says he has not read. And any other works you think proper for him to read on the subject of Romanism and the Supremiety of the Pope in particular (3 Barrow).

As to the kew of the Library it is always at your command: and Philander is obey your directions concerning that and all other Strickly[sic] speaking college concerns.

I wish Mr J to officiate, if at all in the Chapel relying on your goodness to supply Brimfield & Pricneveille for I do not wish any more to wander about

Let him Study -- and confine himself to his room in the College and eat at the table. He is an [?] youth and if not pushed forward prematurely will be an ornament to the ministry. More over between ourselves I wish him not with him to go over to Kikapoo[sic] and be check by jole with certain persons tehre. I hope that Commings is gone I would ont have him on the Hill on any acc’t. I trust you re’d my letter to this effect in time -- I praise God for the convalescent state of dear [Sherril] I confirmed 11. & baptized 2 adults & 3 chil’n & preached continually in Pittsfied on wednesday & thursday and yesterday came here landing about midnight & wandered about to find [N.Y.] McMasters shall preach tomorrow & confirm a few P. Chase

Letter to Samuel Chase



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