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I never received the charter you promised me by Letter in May; but I have since received Rev’d S. Chase’s vindication of you, in whh I perceive the Charter is incorporated


July 1 1847

Right Rev’d & dear Sir,

I hasten by a few lines to acknowledge your last favour received yesterday & to apologize for not having acknowledge one in May. During that Month I intended day after day to write you & hoped U might have something to send you, but the melancholy state of things in Ireland since Xtmas last has absorbed all the sympathies of feeling people & the charity of the benevolent. Some of your warmest friends to whom I applied for a renewal of their kindness on your behalf replied, We must devote all we can spare to the suffering Irish & try to avert the calamities which will otherwise come upon us at home. But by the removal of two of my daughters into different spheres to those they have occupied for the few last years I trust some new Channels of interest & benevolence may be opened so as to enable me ere Xtmas next to send you a smaller remittance at least Four or 5 if not 6£ be at Sir Walter Farquahar’s, but I have some advertisem’ts & Circulars to pay for out of it, as at the suggestion of Mr Pitcairn of Edinburgh about Febs last. I tried two appeals thro the London Record but had no response. I was hoping to write in May & have something to send & at the suggestion of dear Dr Ramsey to send you also a list of the names of those who had contributed to your cause thro’ me, but I was excessively occupied & have been ever since an additional Post of duty having fallen to my lot thro’ the removal of a Clergyman into Suffolk who had held the Chaplaincy to the Troops in Barracks here (from 200 to 250 in No. horse soldiers) in the very heart of my District & close to my Church I have succeeded to him in the care of them, as to religious matters. It adds to my labours but I find it an interesting work I have removed a very uncomfortable & disreputable mode of service from the Riding School to my Church giving them a distinct service there at half past 9 in the morning prior to my public services. The Regiments are generally changed annually, so that here is 200 additional new mixing in all sorts of Society & scattered about here & there at times brought annually under the sounds of things & a training to which many of them were strangers before. Pray ask [?] on my efforts from our great Head when you are thinking of me. Some years ago I had several attacks of severe illness & one a paralysis of my left side which disabled me for almost everything for 10 months & I concluded my [wit] was done. But God has renewed my strength like the Eagle. You have seen by this what I have done in that second work from Bp. Davenport’s writings & now I have 3 [?] vices on the Lord’s day & never was stronger for my work tho’ over my three score years. How wonderful are the dealings of God towards us & the deliverances he effected for us & the aids he affords us. I am not supported by my Post [?] & toils me as it is, but God in his good Providence supports me in it & sends supplies often when bread & water seem failing. But you know -- enough of this & every one who knows your position & past labours & [buffetting] your upsets & overturnings must admire the goodness & grace & Providence of God towards you. Oh it is wonderful that you should hold on & hold out as you do, but when & while God has work for us to do I feel persuaded he will support & help us in it & especially if we look simply to him & trust him. May this be more & more our confidence & dependence & by & bye we shall find all well & our rest glorious.

All the parties you name in your last are gone to their rest-- some long ago, with the exception I think of Mr Horne. With him I regularly correspond & about two months since finding he had an unexpected little balance in settling some acct he sent it me for you. The late Rev’d Josiah Pratt I knew well - his Son I never have had the pleasure of being acquainted with, tho’ I once casually saw him [on] a [Coach] in London I shall however now [?] acquaintance with him thro’ the medium of our message. He was appointed to his Father’s living out of the regard [entertained] for his Father.

I was delighted to find Dr Ramsey had been so successful in regard to the printing press & pray you may long be spared to render it a powerful engine by God’s blessing against the Beast of Babylon.

I transcribe you a list of donors thro’ me & hoping you may hear from me again with some advantage soon & wishing you every support & blessing I remain Right Rev’d dear Sir & friend

Yours affect’y & faithfully

Josiah Allport

x William Chance Esq’c Birmingham £5-0-0

x J.O. [Bacelues] Esq Do 5-0-0

James Bateman Esq’c Congleton 1-10-0

x Friends at Chilecompton (by Mrs [Newham]) 5-0 -

A friend at Birmingham (J.T) 1 - -

St. Paul’s Missionary Association Wol-

verhampton, by Rev’d Mr Dalton 10 - -

x Mrs Broadley Wilson Clapham (London) 5 - -

x Dr Marsh & friends Leamington 5 - -

x Rev’d Chancellor Raikes Chester 5 - -

x Will’m Newton Esq Birm’h 3 - [2] -

x The Right Hon’l Lord Calthorpe 5 - - -

Robert Pitcairn Esq’c Edinburgh 1 - - -

[Wm] [Gundry] Esq Chippenham 1 - - -

Rev’d Edw’d Tottenham Bath 1 - - -

Mrs S. Duke Blakehurst, Arundel - 10 - -

John Shields Esq Durham 1 - - -

x The Marquis Chomondeley 5 - - -

D.H.[R]. [Bark] 1-5--

Rev’d J.A. James Birmingham 1 - -

Collected by Mr. John Lee, Whitchurch, Salop.

Rev’d J.H. [Peake] £1 - - - }

Revd J. Morrall 1 - - }

Mrs. Morrall 2 - - }

W. Wardell Esq 1 - - }

Miss Wardell 1 - - }

Mrs Nickson 1 - - } 19 15 -

[Lofters] [Wieram] Esq 2 - - } Henry Mar-

John Atkinson Esq 5 - - } shall Esq.

Rev’d R.N. Pemberton 2 - - } Birm’h

Rev’d J. Bartlett 2 - - } 1 - -

Mr. John Lee 2 - - }

Small sums - 15 - }

x By Mrs Clarke Weston - super Mare 17 -

Remitted Feb 6, 1846 ______


Geo’ Wood Esq Bath £1 - -

Rev’d J.M. Longmire Winkfield 2 - -

By Mr W.S. Nayler West Bromwich [1] 15 -

Dr. Houghton (M.D.) Brooksboro Ireland 1 - -

F.L. [Asted] Birm’h - - 10

Rev’d Wm [Selpin] Pulverbatch Salop £

(since dead) 2 - -

By Dr Houghton Ireland 3 9 6

Right Hon’l Earl Howe 5 - -

Mrs. Featherstone Dublin 1 - -

Rev’d C. Churton - 10 -

John Smallwood Esq Birm 1 -

A friend by Mrs Newham Bath 1 - -

J.B. [Enraght] Esq Clifton 1 -

C.H. Newcastle 10 - -

+Mrs Dennis Clifton 5 - -

+Tho’s Stewart Esq Dublin 5 - -

Per Record up to May 9 18 10

+Hon’l Mrs. F. Calthorpe 5 - -

Rev’d Mr Yeadon [Larcolis] 2 - -

Mr George Lather West Bromwich 1 - -

Archibald Duff Esq 1 - -

By Mr Wood Bath 1 9 9

Sir Walter Farquhar 5 - -

Addit’l per Record 11 8 9

Remitted 85£ by Mr ______

Farquhar 85 18 6

List of donors by Josiah Allport - Letter to Philander Chase



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