Josiah Allport



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Josiah Allport asks Philander Chase if he can add him to a list of subscribers to his forthcoming volume, which he hopes to send to the American bishops.




Josiah Allport, Philander Chase, Bishop Davenant, England, publishing


England Birmingham

Augt 1. 1846

Right Rev’d & dear Sir

I have been desirous for some time past, learning how the American Church is afflicted like my own by the outbreak of that heresy emanated lately from Oxford, to call the attention of some of the [Diviners] there to a work on which I have been engaged for the last 18 mos & have just published the first portion. An opportunity of sending over a sample of that work occurring unexpectedly I beg to submit to your attention & intend if the Lord spare me to complete to embrace some mode of sending over a few copies to America & especially to get placed in the hands of some of her Bishops gratuitously with hope that it may be a means of calling attention to the writings of Bp Davenant & prove of service to the Church there, as it they found to do here.

Should you be in any way desposed to concur in my proposal & allow me to place your name on my list of subscribers alone to satisfy me on that head would no doubt reach me ere I shall be ready with the second volume.

You will be able to judge of the nature of the work from the sample sent & of the countenance which my undertaking receives from the list of subscribers accompanying it & I shall be truly happy to be authorized to place your name on my list with those I may yet be privileged to add to it.

I am with great respect & the best wishes

Your very humble Serv’t

J. Allport

Letter to Philander Chase



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