Letter to Rebecca and Philander Chase Jr

Letter to Rebecca and Philander Chase Jr

Philander Chase

Cincinnati Nov. 26 1822

My dear Son Philander and

My dear Daughter Rebecca

I have this moment recd your letter announcing your marriage.

To describe my feelings on this happy intelligence would be impossible. The letter was read in silence by your fond mother while presiding at breakfast and in her countenance it was I read the importance of some news - I knew not what, by [a] namely mixture of paleness of the mouth mingled with a brilliancy of the eyes common to those feel delight of the most exquisite nature. “Philander and Rebecca are married,” said she as she cast her eyes to Heaven for a blessing on you both. Mrs. R. Mr. Sparrow Salmon and even Dud. and Sarah dropped their knives and forks on their plates seeming to say by their looks amen to the prayers which you know and offered to Him who alone can sanctify even in our fallen state that institution which he made in our [?] the connexion of Man and Woman.

O my dear Children - I pray in heart constantly for you and that prayer is for a blessing - on you and your offspring with God grant you in [?]. May you be like Isaac and Rebecca living faithfully together, and like Jacob may you my son see the land of promise be filled with your offspring. May God bless and protect you both. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he lift up the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace both now and ever more! This is my blessing now - ever anon, looking to God - and praying him who alone can give to grant it unto you.

Dear Rebecca; if your husband treat you ill, tell me of it and I will chastise him. Philander, your wife; and she will forgive you - [?] and make you better.

And now dear Children; remember and let the remembrance be as the effect of the diamonds point on the plate of the hardest steel. Remember to say your prayers. Look up with tearful eyes in the hour of sorrow to Him who alone can alleviate it and in the [?] prosperity let gratitude put you often, very often upon your knees. Do this while your children are around you; and when you are in the grace they will imitate your pious example.

Remember this: and to the utmost will be fulfilled the wish your Father

P. C.


Blessing Philander Jr's marriage to Rebecca


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