Philander Chase



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Philander reports on Church activities in New York, including the planning of a mission in China. He is feeling hopeful about the future of his plan in Jubilee and the Episcopal Church in general.




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N. York 471. Broadway Dec’r 6

My dear Sister Rachael.

I send you by this mail Bishop Elliotts sermon at the consecration of the three Missy. Bishops; and hope it will afford you pleasure. I was in company with Bp: Boone & his brother Bp: Elliot last night at a meeting for the encouragement of the Chinese mission. The room was full and a collection made - Mr William Appleton of Boston contributes $1600. What others may do remains to be seen. I am glad to see our church beginning to arouse from her lethargy. May she soon be quite awake.

As to myself and the Illinois cause I can say but little. It is not so far off as China - or Africa even: and because it is near us commands less attention? But what I do get of the goodwill of our atlantic Christians is very sincere and I hope will prove a blessing to thousands yet unborn. If it enable me to finish and carry into complete effect the plan of Jubilee College how grateful shall I be?

My 100 scholarships is a little more than half made up - and tweny [sic] beneficiaries obtained and sent on to Jubilee. The first half of this number went with our dear Cousin Samuel and Lucia Flinn. They I hear had arrived - the second half by this time I trust are also there.

We feared that the streams would freeze whole on their way but the mild weather continuing later than usual relieved us from this fear.

I do not know that I shall stay in this City any longer than the end of next week. Perhaps ten days from this is the longest period in which a letter from you or any of my Royalton friends would reach me. Pray then write soon to your loving brother


P.S. I go with Mary to spend next sunday [sic] at Yonkers about 20 miles from this up the North River. She is well and sends much and very sincere love to you and dear Rachael your daughter. Remember me to your good husband dear Children

Letter to Rachel Denison



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