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Philander tells Laura he will have to sell his farms in Michigan due to his rising debts. He is planning to set off on his "last journey to the east" soon and needs more money to fund this trip. He also reports that Dudley's wife Sarah will begin teaching the girls' school at Jubilee, and praises his wife Sophia for all her help with the running of the College.




Philander Chase, Laura Chase, Vermont, Michigan, farm, finances, debt, Mary Olivia Chase, Sarah Chase, Alexander Wells Chase, Dudley Chase, Sophia Chase, Jubilee Chapel, Jubilee College


Jubilee 16 May - 1844

My dear Laura:

I believe I have not answered your good letter complaining of the long winters in Vermont. Since which I have heard from others that your Spring has been crowned with early flowers. My object in writing you now is not only to gratify a tender feeling of paternal love to you but to apprize you of our plans for the coming summer.


My debts to the college which are now above $1,600 and increasing must be paid or our affairs must suffer greatly.

To enable me to do this I must sell my Michigan farms though at very reduced prices. This will require my presence in that quarter for some time in the month of June.

My next duties are to be discharged in N.York which will occupy near all of July - In Aug’t I hope go [sic] to Vermont and in the month of Sep’t I must visit Boston New Haven & Hartford.

In all these wanderings I have serious thoughts of availing myself of the company of my dear Daughter your affectionate aunt Mary Illinois. After my visit to the Northern and Eastern parts of my diocese in this month of May she will come up with your Uncle Dudley & join me at Chicago, and thence we will all proceed together across the lake to St Joseph’s Branch counties, and there dispose of the farms: all “if the Lord will.”

As to our affairs at home: what (you will ask) will become of the female school? - Dear Sarah Dudley, (as we distinguish y’r aunt from others of that name on the Hill) will come over and take charge of the girls now 7 in number: Her little boy Alexander Wells now the sweetest babe in the universe will be taken care of by a faithful “little maid” lately from Germany.

If any one should ask why my dear Wife who is so essential to my personal comfort especially now when suffering the effects of age & infirmaties [sic] does not accompany me in this my last journey to the east? Let it be briefly said. Because the [third] is impossible. The whole College establishment would at this critical period go to ruin if she were to be absent from it this summer. To this necessity she submit [sic] with resignation becoming a Saint. She looketh up and says “it is thy will O God” - This calms the tempest in her faithful bosom: and then all is serene. At this moment she is finishing the last garment to make me decent with the least expense for the summer. Would that true Churchmen could more generally know what this dear Mother in Israel has suffered and done to build up the Kingdom of God in the wilderness. She stays at home and works for God. When money is sent her from those who hear of her devotedness in far countries she applies it all to pay for the College goods in New York, and when bills accumulate against her husband at home she will not allow even the smallest sum to be deducted from them on acc’t of any salary to be allowed her or her husband. Such is the wife of Bishop Chase and in contemplating her character who can be unmoved? She knows nothing - nor shall she know anything of my writing this letter.

Today I preach the Ascension Sermon in Jubilee Chapel: Tomorrow I go to lay the Corner stone of a church ten miles off - On Saturday i.e. day after tomorrow I set off for Knoxville where I preach on Sunday on Monday I go to take the S.B. for Galena [up] the Miss’i River - so if the Lord will ever faithful P. Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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