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Philander Chase reassures his sister Rachel about the promise of heaven and life after death.




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Jubilee 28 Jan: 1844

My dearest Sister Rachael.

As usual I have arisen this morning before day. It is sunday morning and I have to preach twice: for Samuel is too weak in his heart--and Dudley has to ride ten miles to officiate this day--

Mrs Chase my dear Wife and Sarah Samuel are quite indisposed with bad colds as also is Mrs Bennet who lives in the house with us being the Sister of Henry’s wife & Philanders wife with her 2’d child and having so few persons to whom we can apply for assistance in time of peril and so many of these few being indisposed I am quite anxious as also is our dear Mary.

Dudley’s wife is well for this we are very thankful. It is very cold and we have no snow as you have to help us go about

Your kind P.S. to Laura’s letter of the 3. Jan was read with great sympathy: Your love reciprocated. Our approximation to the end our Voyage of life is or ought to be a subject of great [rejoicing] to us both. The Lord Jesus hath been our Redeemer and is I trust our [?] hope in life and death. He alone hath brought life and immortality to light and in this his light we will rejoice ever more. Death is a dreadful object: but so only in reality to the wicked and unbelieving. I have already alluded to our life as a Voyage: it is indeed so through a tempestuous sea of never ending perplexity toil and suffering - How pleasing the sight of the Haven of rest after it is all over. Did not I rejoice at the thought that land was nigh when coming from Europe? Yea my earthly felicity then was at its hight [sic] for trouble was at an end and the hope of enjoying the society of all that was dear to me without alloy. Ever so should the believer feel only more intense delight because of the never ending nature of the felicity before him. Let us then lift up our heads at the approach of him why [sic] by the world is called the king of terrors. For he is no longer such to us. His spear is broken and his dominions conquered. Tis to thee Oh thou Blessed Jesus who hast led captivity captive that we owe this Triumph. To thee therefore be the praise and the Glory!

Dear Sister: Under such prospects is is [sic] treason in us to despond. The glory of the Great Captain of our Salvation consists in the celebration of his triumphs in the joyful hearts of his faithful disciples. Every faint and drooping heart brings discredit on his name.

Samuel has given me a review of our Jubilee. Pray accept a Copy with a Brother’s kindest love.

We all send love to all who love us and you know my love for you is never abated for I am still

Your faithful

Brother Philander

Letter to Rachel Denison



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