Philander Chase



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Philander Chase asks Sarah Stocker and the ladies of Boston to spread information about his efforts in Illinois.




Philander Chase, Sarah Stocker, Reminiscences, Jubilee College, Boston


Jubilee College Ill

Aug’t 29 1843

To Mrs. Sarah Stocker.

Very dear Lady:

My heart is so filled with gratitude to God, that I am, (not withstanding my great unworthiness), still remembered by his faithful Servants in Boston that I fear my letter in answer to yours of the 14th inst. will be but an incoherent mass: but if there be nothing but the statement of facts as they are; perhaps it will suit you better than any mere effort of art.

The same mail which brought your letter yesterday contained the 5th & 6th Numbers of my Reminiscences wherein I give a full acct of the “Kenyon Circles” of which you sill remember yourself as a member: and ask how you can as such benefit Jubilee as you once did Kenyon College. How wonderful the coincidence! “Is it possible” said I that the Good God is mindful of one so much neglected of late? Will the Sun of Righteousness gild the evening cloud of his fleeting day with the benignant says of his Mercy? Will He cause Jubilee to rise as he did Kenyon to his glory? May I be blessed before I die in beholding One Institution more in the Far West which will be enabled to train Soldiers of the Cross-- to fight the good fight of faith that many very many who are ready to perish “may lay hold on eternal life”?

If your good intentions be fulfilled and your good example be initiated it may be even so. You enquire, how? Let a number of Ladies of the most benevolent characters be associated, or named together, in Boston.

Let them make out a list of reasons founded on facts in as concise terms as possible. To these let there be subjoined “A plea for Jubilee and its founder Bishop Chase, now aged but not dismayed in the cause of Christ in the far West”--Let this be put forth by the Ladies among themselves and such as they.

If this be done in faith, (like the fleece of Gideon spread to receive the silent dews of Heaven) the measure will be blessed. You will soon find a bowlful; and Jubilee will be refreshed. Her walls will continue to rise. Professorships will be established. Scholarships will be instited[sic] and the wilderness of Illinois will be glad--and the [?] will blossom as the rose.

I am called away by my imperious & manifold cares. I send you other papers with this pray read them[.] The Reminis’s may be had at Jh’n [Dows] the Printer of the witness.

Ever faithful

P. Chase

Letter to Sarah Stocker



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