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Bishop Johns agrees with Chase that Arthur Carey should not have been ordinated, and expresses worry about rising "evils" in the Episcopal Church.




Bishop J. Johns, Arthur Carey, Episcopal Church, Dr. Seabury, The Churchman, John Jay, The New World


Richmond Aug’t 18. 1843 -

Right Rev’d & Dear Sir.

I have just returned from Providence, where I have been under your appointment to take part in the Consecration of a Bishop for Rhode Island. Your confidential letter of the 31st Ult’o I [?] on my table. In reply to your inquiry, whether I am “satisfied with the ordination of Arthur Carey to the Deaconate of the Church, as reported to us by the Churchman, & the Statement of facts by Drs Anthon & Smith,” I unhesitatingly answer in the Negative. [Neither] the letters of Mr Haight & Mr Carey [are] explanation of his [?] nor the Special pleading of Dr Seabury in the columns of the [Miscalled] Churchman have reconciled me to the proceeding. I concur with you in the opinion that unless something is done “to put down the rising Spirit of the Man of Sin among us” serious consequences are to be apprehended. The measures necessary to repress the existing evils which from their very nature must spread unless [decisively] arrested, it is more becoming for me to learn from others, than to undertake to suggest. Be assured however that I shall always be ready to cooperate with my Seniors in the Episcopate [in] any reasonable course to preserve the purity of our beloved Church. I am satisfied & glory in the Church just as She is - & seek no change - least of all such change as that which now seems to threaten us - I am glad to find that you are alive to the dangers of the [times] & pray that God may give us grace & [?] to meet the [?] with fidelity & success. I need not say that I shall always be happy to hear from you in relation to this or any other matter of interest touching our common cause.

With regard to Texas, I shall wait to [receive] the further intelligence which you [procure] before I offer any [opinion] as to the course & securities which the case may require.

In much haste

Yours truly

J. Johns

Rt. Rev. Philander Chase [?]

P.S. Have you seen the Articles on “the ordination of Mr Carey.” & “Puseyism & its Champions” written by Mr John Jay. & published in the August numbers of “the New World”?

Letter to Philander Chase



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