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Bishop Smith believes that the General Convention should continue until the concerns of "Romanism" within the Protestant Church are addressed. He then writes off the record that he feels it is a shame that the Bishops did not defer Arthur Carey's ordination.




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Diocese of Kentucky, Aug. 15. 1843

Rt. Rev. and Dear Sir,

Your recent Circular has come to hand, and in reply to its leading subject, I have to say, that should a Bishop Elect of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Republic of Texas, appear before the House of Bishops at the next General Convention, bringing with him documentary evidence of the due organization there of an Independent Branch of the Church Catholic, of their adoption of a safe and wise Constitution and [Canon], of their [assent] to sound scriptural, referenced Doctrines; and of his own election to the Episcopate; and calling upon that body to make provision for the Consecration of said Bishop Elect, it is my opinion that that Convention should not adjourn without taking the proper steps for complying with said request.

As to the other matter alluded to, by you, inofficially[sic], and sub rosa, I would simply say, that, under the circumstances of this case, I most sincerely regretted that our most excellent Rt. Rev. Brother of New York did not think it best to defer the ordination of Mr. Arthur Carey. I regard it, however as an honest error of judgement with which I have nothing further to do, than to regret it, and more fervently than ever to pray, that all the members of our order, under the awful responsibilities of their official duty, may be more and more [?] “with the wisdom of the serpent & the harmlessness of the dove.”

Were it more than error of judgment, it would, no doubt, amount to a case of discipline; and then the only accountability of our (in that case) unfortunate “Brother” would be to his own Convention, or to any Bishops, Clergy, or Laity, who might feel called upon to move his impeachment there.

Trusting--indeed not doubting, that the late events in New York, however for a [reason] to be deplored, will be overruled by the Great Head of the Church for its defence and advancement,

I remain, Rt. Rev. Father, rather your Serv in the Gospel, than your Brother beloved,

B.B. Smith

Letter to Philander Chase



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