Philander Chase



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Chase writes vehemently against the rise of Roman Catholicism and derides a recent piece on it which was published in the Western Gospel Messenger. He enlists Dr. Coleman in helping him in this "battle with the Romanists."




Catholicism, Puseyism, religion, Episcopal Church, Western Gospel Messenger, Bishop Onderdonk, Bishop Hobart, Dr. Mason, Companion to the Altar, Difficulties of Romanism, George Stanley Faber


Jubilee Aug’t 7th


To Dr Coleman:

Rev and very D’r Sir

We can’t make headway against Puseyism for it is an indefinable term: but we can make, for we are pledged by our ordination vows to make good our stand against, Romanism. This the greatest of the evils with which the Christian world was ever cursed for her sins is defined and written by the finger of God in the blood of the Martyrs of the Church of [England]. This must be depricated [sic] by every member of the Primitive Catholic Church; and rather than see it enter the Church of America her sons - her bishops first - her presbyters & deacons & lastly [?] must be willing and, if called on, must actually lay down their lives. Never till lately did I dream that this asseveration would be necessary; but every mail brings me evidence that it is indeed necessary to take the stand I have taken. Do look over the pages of the Western Gospel Messenger dated 29th July & read the stupid ignorant yet subtle and [jesuitical] piece concerning the “Roman Developements” [sic] signed “R.W.” - and then, as to Editorial remarks - what evasion of the main question! What had Bp: [sic] B.T. Onderdonks ordination of a Romanist [confessedly] such to do with Bp: Hobart & his controversy with Dr. Mason and with his Companion to the Altar? Nothing could be more [forcibly] [funny] [tho] [one] than the sentiments of [Sp.] H. If the periodicals are to lead Bishops must it be only when we are blind fold! This is not your wish I am sure: Above all I rely [under] God on your aid in fighting the battle with the Romanists. Revise your preface [to] Faber’s Difficulties of Romanism.

Ever faithful

P Chase

Letter to Dr. Coleman



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