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Winter has been harsh on Philander Chase, with half of his winter provisions for his farm animals already exhausted by January 12th. He informs his granddaughter Mary that he is healthy as is the rest of the family and discusses an ongoing debate about the status of the Mormon Church.




Philander Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, Jubilee College, farming, winter, religion, Mormonism


Jubilee Cottage Jan 13 1843

My dear Grand Daughter Mary

Hitherto we have had a very cold winter. It is now nearly two months since the severe weather commenced: during this period the ice has, with the exception of two or three days scarcely melted. Yesterday it commenced to snow about noon which did not abate till nearly morning. Today it was too cold and stormy to turn out any more than necessity compelled till afternoon when six yokes of oxen was put before the big sled which being driven by two able teamsters broke the road between this and Mr Ingrahams about ½ mile from us. His family we heard were suffering for want of coal and the team I have mentioned took a large load to the poor sufferers.

We are now only advanced in the winter to the 12th of January and yet our winter provision for cattle sheep and horses is more than half exhausted.

Buy why should I neglect to tell you of our own family of human beings here at the Cottage-- My dear Wife your grand mother is now after a long spell of dangerous illness fast recovering and this day has begun to use her pen & needle to keep P. Office accounts and our clothing in order due. She has not put [turban] not ventured to go our of her room nor [eat] at our table yet her eyes look so much brighter than they did a few days ago, that I have great hopes that her exercise is not premature but a proof of returning good health.

The rest of our family as well as the inhabitants of the College and Ingleside & Radley house & the Robins Nest are all in good health. The Norwigeans[sic] have left us and other help we find full as good if not better.

The Sermon which the Rev. S. Chase preached at the ordination of Dr Southgate is now about to be published. It is spoken of as a very good thing for the times. It leans neither to Rome nor Geneva, but has an Onward aspect truly primitive.

Besides this I will send you soon a letter to my Clergy about not allowing Mormon baptism as equal to that of “Other Denominations” as the phraze[sic] goes. I think you will be surprized[sic] that this Sect should so soon come forward & claim the privileges of the Church of Christ. What will our left handed brethren say to the hon’r of being placed on a par with Joe Smith & his disciples? Your Uncle Dudley and myself spent last sunday[sic] in Peoria. His sermon was much liked by most people. Indeed he is a good preacher

You see by what I have said that I have quite recovered of my late indisposition. Some portion of my deep cough however still remains.- but I think when I take care of myself I am better.

I have lately received a letter from Dr Shelton of Buffalo on the subject of my 3’d & 4th No. of the Reminiscences[.] He says to me these words

“You have opened to me a page of history which had been closed from my view as much as it had been written in Egyptian Hyeroglyphics[sic]”

I believe this remark to be strictly true: for [th]is Gentleman was one whose eyes the splendour of Bp. H’s character had blinded so that he saw nothing in its true light. What will not prejudice do? While this was covering the minds of men as a thick cloud, how could they see that which when the same is blown away by Gods holy providence appears so plain!

The same change will I trust take place when I come to tell the scenes which passed in Phio. May God give me grace to perform the task of an impartial & faithful Historian in the latter as I trust hath done in the former instance. Truth can never injure. It is in seeking to cover it the danger lies.

May God bless you dear Mary so prayes[sic] your affectionate G. F’r P Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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