Philander Chase



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Philander Chase describes his daily routine at Jubilee College.




Philander Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, Laura Chase, Jubilee College


Dear Laura,

I was surprized[sic] to hear thro your aunt, my daughter-in-law Mrs D. Chase that my dear Sister Olivea had been sick of that most painful complaint The Tick[sic] Doloureux[sic]. I know how to sympathize with her having experienced so much of it while in London. My dear Brother D’s long silence is on acc’t of this distressing news doubly to be regretted. Do you write me and be most particular in telling me about the health of these dear ones, as well as of all that are with you and with whom you are living.

My own health is not as good as it need to be altho I am obliged to superintend every thing and often to put my own hand to the work in good earnest

I rise early & write till breakfast and then go to the College Hill & keep all hands to work till sundown, dining with yr Uncle Dudley. To day I was seized with a dizziness in my head which made me come home at noon. I have been in the bed all afternoon and am now 12 o’clock at night quite sleepless and to restrain my wandering thought and withal gratify my best affections I wrote you this letter.

Next week or rather this week on Thursday Mary & Dudley will accompany me to Rushville to attend the Convention

We shall go as far as Farmington 20[mi] the first day. Thence to Rushville is about 2 easy days ride

Philander is during this weather busily employed in drawing lumber from the saw mill to finish the buildings on the College Hill. He is as large (nearly) as myself

Your loving


P. Chase

Sat 28th May


Letter to Laura Chase



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