Philander Chase



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Philander has sent Mary his Prospectus. He laments that he was not able to see his friend Mrs. Ward recently and asks Mary to ask her grandfather Wells for advice on a hydraulics issue at Jubilee College.




Mary Chase, Prospectus, hydraulics, Mrs. Lord, Steubenville, Sophia Chase, Mr. Wells, Robins Nest, Jubilee College


Robins Nest 22 Jan:


My dear Grand Daughter Mary;

I am glad you rc’d my Prospectus: All depends on the success of getting subscribers for I have no money of my own to hazard in experiments.

I am glad also to hear of the health of yourself and all the dear ones in Steubenville. You do not except your loved mother; therefore I conclude she also is well; blessed be God for so great mercy.

Mrs Lord, you say, still feels interest[ed] in our affairs. Return that [best] of Ladies my grateful regards for this. Among the great reasons of my disappointment in in [sic] my expectation of going by the way of Steu’ville home, was that I was deprived [Thursday] of seeing this old and [tried] friend. Shall I never have that pleasure?

Tell your excellent Grand Father Wells that I hold him to what you say of his coming to the Far West in the Spring. I have many things to consult him about: one is, a case of Hydraulicks. Two copious springs unite in one ravine, about 50 feet below and 400 yard from the Chapel, alias, the College site, of Jubilee. They then fall over a rock or sudden descent of 5 or six feet - [?] - can not an [over] [?] wheel be turned by the falling water (3 or 4 pails full in a minute) so as to work a pump, the piston fixed in an iron box clamped with iron bars, thus send the water (or a portion of the springs coming directly from fountain-head) up thro’ iron aquaducts [sic] to the College, & [thence] at pleasure to all the buildings? If he think this practicable, I wish he would procure the iron materials mentioned and I will pay the bill.

I have time only to say we are all well and send much love to you all and that we shall rejoice to see you or any of you along with Mr Wells in the Spring.

Ever your affectionate Grand Father:

P Chase

Letter to Mary O. Chase



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