Philander Chase



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Chase describes the building of the church and the donations that made it possible. He is still in South Carolina but may travel soon.




St. Michael's, Philander Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, Jubilee College, Charleston


Charleston, April 29th 1840

My very dear Grand Daughter:

It gives me great satisfaction to inform you of the liberality of the Vestry of St. Micheal’s Church in requesting the privilege of paying the expense for which I was liable in coming to be erected your dear Father’s monument. Besides the stones at the head and foot of the grave there is an entablature put up in masonwork on the outside of the Chancel wall. The slab is American marble about 2 feet 6 inches square surmounted with a crowning arch carved out in an ornamented manner. The words are the same as I think I sent you some time since, and very neatly ingraved [sic].

Some persons from another congregation offered to pay for this monument; but the Vestry replied that “none should share in the honour save the members of St. Michael’s”

It is consoling to reflect on the great mercies which God in every way seems to be conferring on your aged grandfather. Little was I able to bear this great expense, and I must confess my own misgivings sometimes troubled me, for fear I was taking from my means to procure necessaries for the living to gratify my recollections for the dead. But God hath provided: and I am blessed.

I know not when I shall quit Charleston. The Church people will not let me go till they lose all hope of getting 2 other Bishops together for the consecration of Dr. Gadsden. This may take place about 20th of May. The meantime I shall go out into the neighbouring places and perhaps up into N. Carolina.

The Subscriptions for Jubilee amounts now to nearly $7,000 (paid and promised.) Of this sum about $700 was lately a gift from my English Friends.

It rains very hard, and as I slept but little last night I feel too drowsy to write any more except a desire to be remembered to your dear Parents and Grand Father and aunts and all the dear [Lord] family and others who may ask after the health and welfare of

Your affectionate G.Father

Philander Chase

Miss Mary O. Chase

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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