Sophia Chase



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Sophia provides Mrs. Wiggin with updates about her family and Bp. Chase's progress with Jubilee College. She also includes an account collected by Ralston, detailing donations for the new College.




Philadelphia, Mrs. Ralston, Mr. Ralston, English benefactors, English friends, Jubilee College, New York, New Bedford, Mary Chase, Robinsnest, Reminisences of Bp. Chase, Mrs. Sigourney, Lady Buller, Mrs. Dodsworth, Mrs. Cotton, Lady Richardson, Mrs. Labrechin, Mr. Pegas, Dr. Ramsey



Dear Mrs. Wiggin

I’m passing through Phil. I had the satisfaction of seeing Mrs. Ralston for a few moments [only] [I] had anticipated this pleasure had been before I left home and after talked of it with my dear husband, but her [indisposition] prevented until the evening before I left town - In our short interview I had the happiness of hearing of your convalescence and general health of the family - Through Mr. A Ralston I received $325 - with the list of contributors - To these liberal christian friends I would through you say all I feel in my heart - but language seems so poor, any expressions so inferior to what my love and gratitude would dictate that I must appear before you as insensible of kindness - But dear Lady think not so of me - the only return my dear Husband my children and myself can make to our English Benefactors is to beg of Him through whom cometh every good and perfect gift - That he will reward them in time and in Eternity and this I know he will do for Jesus Christ’s sake --

You have perhaps letters of a later date from my hear Husband than I have received owing to my moving from place to place my last were dated a month since he was then well and happy to find a resting place for his long contemplated Institution. This dear child of his old age has revived all his youthful order when I see him so engaged contending with [difficulty] often [difficulty] and in Gods strength conquering all I cannot have a doubt of its final success - Are not all the promises in its favour [sic] It, is, Gods work begun in a firm reliance on his support and with a single eye to his glory - and the good of immortal perishing souls - much has been done, much remains to be done. The means are in his hands and he can open the hearts of those who share [?] of his bounty, the way [he] [accomplish] the task assigned his honoured Servant.

My present journey to visit my friends after 15 years absence, has been quite pleasant. I leave here this afternoon for NYork on my way to NBedford where I have 2 sisters - The 1st of June I hope to be in [Hopkinton] to pay my first visit to brother B Chase - (Mary & myself were hospitable entertained by his son B Chase in Phil) from thence we shall visit Judge Chase in [Aumont] with many other relatives of my husbands that I have never seen - by the 1st of July I hope to be travelling [sic] westward and God willing take my post in the labour assigned at Robinsnest and Jubilee College - my health and spirits are much improved by this change. Mary is quite well.

From my dear husbands letters you no doubt know all his hopes and some of his trials from the kinds of expressions of Mrs Ralston I am encouraged to hope this minutia of detail has not worried his English friends - what better evidence can we have of their continued affection - He has probable mentioned a little volume entitled “Reminiscences of Bp. Chase” - they consist of incidents of real life penned last winter to aid in the creation of the Chapel now commenced. I left it with Mrs Sigourney who will endeavour to get favourable trim for its publication - our retired situation prevents its coming forward under the eye of the Author -- Though acknowledged except the last in a former letters from Robinsnest, I will [have] again mention [sums] received for the private fund

Connected with his ministry

By Bishop Chase

In a letter of credit to A & G Ralston Phila.

The gift of several Ladies

In Eng through Mrs Wi to Mrs Chase



Sent by Mr Wiggin to

Prime Word & King



Brought over by Mrs [B]

For all this and many many favors received through you dear Madam I would return thanks to the several donors thier [sic] names so far as given are held in grateful remembrance - That God may bless them and you is the constant prayer of one who wishes to be named in most respectful terms to Mrs Wiggin & you dear daughter the Bp. would say name each, [to] [Miss] [Loyd] & believe me dear Madam

Account collected for Mrs Chase

By Dr. Ramsey with a donation from Mrs. Tyndale. €8.10.0

[his] account paid [?] packing [?] ---- €2.10.0



“ Lady Buller ……………………€5”---”

“Mrs. Dodsworth…………………2”---”

Mrs. [Labrechin]..........................5”---”

Mrs. Cotton……………………….510.0

Lady Richardson..........................10.” “

Mrs AG Ralston…………………..5” “

Church Money……………………1.10.0

Mr. Pegas & Dr. Ramsey………..25.” “

Als Ralston………………………..2” “ €61.0.0



€67 @ $4.85 for [?] [?] ……………………….$325

Philadelphia April 11th 1839

AG Ralston

Letter to Mrs. Wiggin



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