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Certificate of Standing for G.M. West




George Montgomery West, Church, Seminary, theology


Certificate of Standing

We the “Standing Committee,” of Trinity Church; situate in Kensington, Philadelphia; hereby certify that the Rev’d George Montgomery West D.D. is Pastor of said Church, being a regularly ordained Clergyman in full orders, of unimpeachable character and standing; as may be seen by numerous highly respectable testimonials now in his possession. That altho’ the reformation which he introduced and which we highly approve naturally, caused him to have some enemies and much opposition yet his friends are numerous and his doctrines and principles in our opinion sound and scriptural in proof of which he beg to refer to the printed circular which also contains his voluntary “Resignation” of the Prot. Ep. Ch. in the year 1830 and setting forth the grounds of his controversy with that Church The controversy called forth numerous attacks from his opponents on his motives and character in order if possible to lessen his influence, these attacks were made by reckless personal and verbal communication anonymous letters ex parte newspaper statements and in some instances by silly affidavits which were all laid before us in our official capacity for investigation and were fearlessly and impartially examined and carefully sifted to their source and utmost limits and in every instance were found to be based either on absolute falsehood -- envy -- malice -- prejudice or Mistake, as we hereby pledge ourselves before God and our fellow citizens and therefore in the most unqualified manner we feel justified in thus certifying the respectable standing and unsullied character of the Rev’d G. M. West up to the present date.

That the Rev’d G. M. West has a legal and equitable pecuniary demand against the Bishops and Trustees of Kenyon College in connection with the Prot. Ep. Ch. for money advanced and for services faithfully rendered to the amount of Twenty thousand dollars as will be seen by a perusal of the written and legal opinions of Peter A. Brown L.L.D.[K], and Sam’l J. Henderson, and Rob’t J. Arundel, Esquires three eminent lawyers resident in this city and know to us and to obtain the payment of which he now leave us for the present.

Signed by order

John Davies Chairman,

Joseph Weed Secretary

Philadelphia Aug 30th


We whose names are hereunto subscribed have great pleasure in certifying to the respectability and unquestionable integrity of the Chairman and Secretary, whose signatures authenticate the foregoing testimonial, and also our full credence in the statements therein made having had sufficient opportunity to satisfy our own minds as to their correctness, being occasional attendants on the ministry of the Rev’d G M West, and residents in this place.

Cha’s B. Austin

[Richard] Chapman M.D.

[?] Dickins

Cha’s Whitton

Jacob Keen

J. [?] [Dolly]

W’m Bennett

Henry Weed

Howell Powell

J.G. Ambler

[?] [?]

James Keen

Tho’ T. Vaughan

Certificate of Standing for G.M. West



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