Dudley Chase



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Dudley is concerned about George's health and promises to send him as much money as he needs.




Randolph, VT


Dudley Chase, George Chase, Randolph VT


Randolph June 28nd 1817

Dear George,

For a fortnight past I have been absent from home, attending the County and Supreme Court; and returned last evening when I had the pleasure of perusing your favour of 9th Int, inclosing [sic] the interesting letter from your father to you. My Dear George I regret extremely your ill-health, and cannot conceal the alarming apprehensions I have had, since the receipt of your letter, on that account. I wrote you about a fortnight ago, a letter, which hope you have rec’d, in which I told you that I thot [sic] that it least that you should relinquish the plan of studying the french language this season; and that I hoped you would come to Randolph as soon as you could make it convenient. I also wished you to send me a statement of your out-goes, and in-comes, as I expected, from what your mother said, something might remain for me to do. Your letter of 9th inst gave me all the necessary information on this subject. I have all the means to accommodate your wants, but have no way to communicate them to you, with the enclosed money to the amn’t of $200,00, which will enable you to get home, where all hearts & hands will be ready to receive you with joy & gladness. It is now Sunday noon. I must be in Montpelier tonight on my way to Danwill Supreme Court. This will account for me not being able at present to concert the specie and other money which I have on hand into such as will answer your purpose in New-Haven. I hope to return from Danwill a week from tonight, when I make no doubt I will be able to remet, by draft, or bills, the additional sum of 170,00. Which, with the $90, 00 [herein] forwarded to you will [probably] answer all your [purposes]. Should you however think of any other expenses or [conveniences] which you have not as yet tho’t of — notify me thereof, and with the utmost pleasure I will augment the sum to the remitted. I hope when I return from Danwill I shall find a letter from you in answer to this and my former one, which will befall on this subject. Dear George you need not be particular in items, as in your former letter. The amn’t which you wish is all I need be informed of, not having the smallest doubt of prudence or honor. I thank you, beyond expression, for your Father’s letter. It relieved me from much anxiety on his account.

I received this morning an excellent letter from your Brother Philander, which I shall answer immediately. Could you hear the expressions of love & affection towards you which fall continually, from the lips of your aunt & all “our family”, you would hasten to be among us as soon as possible, Come then Dear George, without any other delay than what duty informs.

Yours forever,

Dudley Chase

Letter to George Chase



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