Philander Chase



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Philander Chase tells his brother about the goings-on of and departures from Robinsnest.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, Sophia Chase, Dudley Chase Jr., Samuel Chase, Robinsnest


Robins Nest Ill: May 1. 1838

My very D’r Brother:

I will not let even one mail pass over without answering your good letter of the 5th of last month. It found us all in good health and hard at work putting in our spring crops. Our two hired men, or rather man & boy, having left me for better wages & the necessary duties fall heavy on a person of my age and calling: but they must be endured or all would fail.

The amount you give me of yr. late turns of indispositions affects me exceedingly. I seem to feel with you every pang and doing so most sincerely pray the Good God to soften their asperity and give you patience and resignation to the heavenly Will. I trust, ere this, we both have learned where to look for support and comfort in our last and greatest need: and may we never look in vain. Jesus hath paid the Debt for us-- even for us-- you and me my best of Brothers. Let us then look to Him only and we shall be saved. Let us by the exercise of this faith be always ready to go, whenever He who knoweth what is best for us shall be pleased to call us hence. That His wisdom & goodness may yet [presence] you a blessing to your [?]some friends for many years is my most fervent prayer.

You will be pleased when I tell you that my dear Wife prizes your good opinion of her too highly not to strive to deserve it. She is the Mother of three Children Henry, Mary & Philander the 3rd who she hopes with myself will never tarnish the name they are heirs to. Both of us lament that our migrating state has deprived them of a finished education tho’ they are not entirely neglected. Our dear Sam’l has given them some attention in the literary way hitherto: but in future they must be deprived of that blessing for he, their teacher has set off this day with his family; Sarah, Mrs. Russell and the two lovely babes for Ottowa[sic] a town at the junction of Illinois & the Fox River where (about 60 or 70 miles from this) he will open the Epis’l School in view of its being finally established on the Vermillion River, 9 or 10 miles south of Ottowa. The plan to that effect is in a state of progress: and in a few days I trust will be decided on pro or con: Of this you will hear more soon.

Dudley whom you so kindly mention will write you soon and thank you for your kindness, in his behalf.

My cares are too many to allow me the pleasure of telling you all I would wish. I wrote an answer to what was said of me and my plans in the N. York Review for October. I sent it to the Epis’l Recorder Phil’a. Have you seen it? But perhaps they have not thought it worthy of a place in that paper: if so I mighty have spared my question.

And now my mind turns with peculiar interest on the hope you give of me of seeing you in Illinois. All I can say is that I fear you are not in Earnest. But if this be indeed so remember there is no event in this world that would give me equal joy.

Before I close I beg you to mention me most affectionately to Dear Sister Olivia-- Brother [Simeon] Sisters Cotton & Denison and all the younger branches of our loved family as if named.

All in the Robins Nest (now fewer by five than yesterday) beg to be remembered to you in the kindest manner

Your loving Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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