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Dudley Chase Jr. recounts his travels from Hartford, Connecticut to Illinois to pause his studies and spend the winter with his family.




Dudley Chase Jr., Dudley Chase, travels


Nov. 21 Cincinnati O.

My dear Uncle,

I wrote to you last I believe from Hartford, and informed you of my intention to go home this winter and the why & wherefore.I will now for the want of something more interesting give you some account of my journey thus far.

I left H. on the 1st inst. not without some [regret] at parting with the many friends & acquaintances I left behind though in the hope of returning and the thought of going home, I could cheerfully say my native land good night.

I had a pleasant trip to NY. where I remained one day and to Phila. where I remained Sunday and Monday in the house of Mr. Paul Becks. I then took the railroad to Harrisburg which was a ride of about two hours and from there by stace over the mountains two days and nights to Pittsburgh from there one day to Steubenville by S.B. where as you may well suppose I was happy to find Cousin Morse and Sister Rebecca and many in [uncommon] good health.

They would not let me go under five days and I was easily persuaded to stay especially while they allowed me to hope that Mary would accompany me to Ill. but her Mother could not part with her even for a short time and she had moreover first commenced her winter schooling. So I was obliged to go on alone. Owing to the delay of the boats I was three days in coming down the river to this place where I arrived last Saturday night and soon renewed my acquaintance with cousin Salmon who lives with his fatherinlaw Mr. Garness[sic] in whose house I have been kindly entertained Sunday and Monday which I have spent in this city “the queen of the Trust.”

Salmon is in very good business and stands high in his profession. He ownes[sic] considerable property in the city and talks of buying a house as a residence. He has a beautiful little babe Abigail. Mrs. Dr.Colby is also settled in this city and Helen is living with him.

I expect to start for the Robinsnest this morning which I hope to reach before the winter is over. There is no winter here. The few days that I have spent here have been almost uncomfortable warm. The air is as mild as is the [mouth] of [Tund]. Indeed, I have so far a very favourable time as to weather.

I have found this city much more neat than I expected to see it and the buildings will bear comparison with most in NY for elegance and splendor.

There are now building many fine country seats in the vicinity for which the surrounding hills afford delightful situations. Last evening I [awent] with cousin Salmon and the Ladies to take tea with Mr. Stone an old friend of Father, who has a very pleasant place on the bank of the beautiful Ohio. The house was situated on an elivated[sic] spot surrounded with fruit frees and plants commanding a firm view of the river and city and surrounding hills covered with green grass. It was indeed fine and Mr S’s [?] made us enjoy it the more.

But I have seen too much of the neatness and beauty of NE village to the much pleased with the quality of the western towns and I have experienced too much of the kindness of my NE friends. I hope ever to neglect or intentionally slight them,

I am with the greatest affection and respect your

Nephew Dudley Chase

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