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Philander Chase sends Colonel Moore of Ottawa a document for the landholders from whom he will be buying land in Illinois to sign in order that he may build his seminary there.




Philander Chase, Colonel Moore, landholders, land acquisition


To Col. Moore of Ottowa

Very D. Sir

I have lately re’d a letter from Col. Murray and also one from good Mr. P. Brown; in the latter your name is mentioned with much respect, all relating to the subject lately talked of by yourself and me at your residence, viz the project of locating my Seminary in the neighbourhood of Vermillion.

The shortest way for [putting] the question whether one word more is necessary to be said on this subject is for the Land Holders to sign the following papers, or form of obligation viz.

We the subscribers, in order to inhance the value of our landed estates or property near Vermillion River Illinois do promise to give to Bishop Chase the number of acres of land affixed to our names as an inducement to locate his contemplated Seminary of Religion and leaving thereon or on some part thereof, and we hereby promise to convey the same to him in the usual form by deed as soon as he shall have executed a Promisory obligation binding himself in the penalty of five Dollars in each and every acre subscribed to locate his Seminary thereon & to proceed in the erection of his buildings as soon as may reasonably be: and we furthermore agree that the selection and limits of the land thus given shall be left to the judgment and mutual agreement of Col. Moore of Ottowa & Bishop Chase and that a copy of this instrument be sent to those gentlemen respectively immediately.

N.B. This land Subscription is understood not to interfere with or include other subscriptions in money materials for building or work.

Now D. Col. Moore I desire you will have the goodness to take copies of the above and send them to where you please. If you wish them to have any weight on my mind when they return, (if return they ever do) you will be pleased to be exact in the transcript; for I have my reasons for every word I have written.

Remember to notify the Principal Land Holder that unless four Sections be subscribed as a donation in the amount and One among these entire and the others as contiguous as may be the plan will most surely fail. This is a preliminary

I am now on a tour of duty to the south & middle part of the Diocese, I shall be at the Robinsnest in about 3 weeks from the date of this:

With sentiments of very great respect

I am very D’r Sir

Your faithful Friend &

Honor’d [Serv’t]

Philander Chase

Peoria Oc’t 5.


Letter to Colonel Moore



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