Philander Chase



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Spring 5-27-1836




Very Dear Nephew,

With a grateful heart I arrived in this city yesterday abut four o’clock, after a long voyage of 37 days from Portsmouth England. My heart during the voyage was but indifferent [?] however, as to remit [?] duties [?] Lords day except on [wednesday?]. [?] I hope soon to recover.

On my arrival I forced [?] dear family in Gilead [?]. looking for my return. Dear, [?] think beings. I may the kind [?] bested to me on your behalf in [?] land be a solace indeed to you. [?] I have “made out” better in [?] to England than under the [?] which [?] me I had [?] my object is now to go to [Illinois?] way of Gilead as soon as possible to set in order the things that are wanting. The purchase of some lands on which to place the [?] school will be the first thing - the next to visit the vacant and waste place - and the third “to get my own living in that state of life [?] I am called” - and [?] you’ll say” - you know [?] state of [?] want of all means [?] but that which I am “ to [?] of my mother earth” [?] have to go to work on a farm [?] or [?] of these things move me: [?] provide.” [?] forgive this hasty letter [?] in haste having every [?] do in almost no time. [?] is not from on board and many are expecting to see me before I go to Vermont and others to the west. The far west [?] you ask what are the avails of my going to Engl. and ans. - “I don't know” - in many I have and now about 1800 with many works- Mr. Chase has also many prospect of considerable [?] raised unknown to me [?].

Now I want to say a few words to my dear Grand Daughter Mary. They are the words of prayer for heavenly blessings on her precious head. May she be what her father showed himself to be in his last moments a true Christian, not in name but in deed and in truth. May she trust only in a saviour's blood for salvation; and to live as he lived - and to die as he died full of faith and good works; not in youth as he did but in maturity of age as she gathered in to the Heavenly Garden. Ever faithfully and affectionately yours,

P Chase

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