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Bishop Chase writes to Henry Jackson about his family's illness, his long days in England, and hopes to meet him in Tutbury or Birmingham.




Philander Chase, England, Birmingham, Henry Jackson


London - March-21-1836

My dear Sir,

I had great pleasure in receiving your kind letter of the 16th, particularly as it[?] me some hopes of seeing your Brother and Sister, for whom I have long entertained so sincere a friendship, before I leave England. I am however now so much engaged and by the advice of my friends in London, and by invitations of my former acquaintances in the [n]orth, have so many reasons to draw me into [y]orks hired Durham, that I fear there will be a great uncertainty in any appointments. I might make to meet you at Tutbury or Birmingham.

If it should be the divine hill that I stay in England till the Religious [?] in London, in the month of May , (which, however, I can not fully expect) the pleasure of seeing your dear Relatives and yourself on that most interesting occasion, will be, by me, most gratefully enjoyed. In any event, pray assure [?] of my tender and affectionate regards.

The calamity which has lately befallen my loved family seems to demand my immediate presence with them. They are alone as to any efficient earthly [?] in a hew Country. Every day spend in England, although marked by the kindness for which its inhabitants are so justly celebrated, seems long to me; [and] when the sun dips his golden face in the [heitern] wave, he seems to speaks of my [hife], and dear children; [and] to invite me me, by smiles, if not by words, to go quickly with him to pay them a visit in their affliction.

With sentiments of respect and affection, I am,

Dear Sir,

Your faithful Friend and humble hero.

Philander Chase

Bishop of Illinois.

[?]W: Henry Jackson

Letter to Henry Jackson



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