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Ward assures Chase of her continued support for him and asks whether she might be able to help his cause in Illinois by distributing his appeals.




Lord Ripon, Diocese of Illinois, Carlton Gardens


Boyne House, Tunbridge Wells

Nov 11 - 1835

Very dear Bishop Chase

I have this morning read your appeal which has been sent to Lord Ripon. It is singular how exactly the state of your previous Diocese seems to correspond with that of Ohio when you came upon the same mission for that state as that which brings you now to plead for the Illinois. I am rejoiced to see that you by no means consider that the object of your last mission failed, or was seriously marred by the circumstances which compelled you to resign the care of that Diocese I gave you to Illinois. I trust that the [overruling] hand of God has ordered or permitted this for the spread of His kingdom in the far West. It distresses me that I can do nothing for the promotion of your object but give you all that is implied in good will but tho I see no way in which I can hope to raise any money, I should like very much to have some of your Appeals, I may perhaps by distributing these be able to do something towards leading of my friends who both can & will promise any such object as comes under their [?] to make exertions in your behalf. If you would kindly send me a few appeals in a parcel directed to me at the Court of Ripon’s Carlton Gardens London I write in a corner “To be forwarded to Tunbridge Wells” it will be sent to me here if you should happen to be able to send them tomorrow the day on which you will receive this they will be forwarded to me next day otherwise they will not reach me for a week. Many thanks for your last most welcome letter, it is a very great pleasure to me to hear from you, & to feel assured that I have your blessing & your prayers - Believe me ever very dear Bishop chase yours with sincere affection & respect

Mary Caroline Ward

Letter to Philander Chase



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