Mrs. D. Fyoie



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Mrs. Fyoie is happy to hear Chase is back in England and hopes to meet him soon. She supports his Illinois cause but is doubtful that it will be as successful as his Ohio school.




Mr. Fyoie, Ireland, Lady Rosse, Mrs. Marriott, Portsmouth, Mr. Wiggin, Mrs. Wiggin, Lord Kenyon



Roscheath near Inverness

November 7th


Right Reverent & Ever dear Sir

Too many days have passed without my acknowledging the receipt of your most welcome letter for hearing that you were again in England in circumstances tho’ in a degree mixed yet altogether satisfactory to yourself and promising to promote the church of our Lord and Master was dear and welcome to me, and the hope of seeing you once again came with it which I will not altogether repress - how cordially & affectionately would I welcome you to my own house if it should be possible for you to visit our Northern district! And I can promise you that Mr Fyoie would heartily participate with me in giving you that welcome - but of this I shall say less at present, as I know how much you must have to occupy your immediate attention yet it may be a matter of after consideration, as not unprofitable to your great object -- I cannot refuse your Rev[?] request to write to dear Lady Rosse altho’ I have not heard from her for a long time and not intended to make any application to her again - her interest & charity being as is no wonder absorbed in her own suffering Ireland. I leave my [hope] open, & think that you should yourself write which if you agree with me, may be better than sending my letter -- but this I leave to your own decision - I had by yesterdays post a letter from dear Mrs. Marriott with yours & her from Portsmouth. She not being sure that you had written to me. I do not like to press upon your attention knowing how it will be occupied by writing a long letter, but I hope that you will let me hear from you again ere long, & let me know whatever you can of your applications success, plans or prospects - I have been thinking how or whom I could interest - I feel the same interest & desire to promote your present most desirable cause as Ohio - We cannot expect the like success, but I hope the spirit is alive as then, altho’ as you will know & hear our then comparatively happy Country is sadly disturbed, and it is no doubt a time of trial, and how you will miss the dear friends who have left us! I must not say to mourn, for of their happiness we cannot doubt, but the loss of the Society of those who cheer & strengthen us in our Earthly pilgrimage is our great trial - I humbly pray to be [?]able to follow their examples & be partaker of the same heavenly joy - I shall wish to hear of your dear wife and family, where you left them &c. Pray remember me most kindly to your good kind friends Mr. & Mrs. Wiggin & their family. I am so happy that you are with them. Mr. Fyoie begs to send his very kind & cordial greeting, and great wish & hope of seeing you, and believe me to be ever Right Revd & very Dear Sir your most truly & affly attached friend

D Fyoie

Lord Kenyon will I doubt [not] forward a letter from you, & my note if [you] send [to] D Lady Rosse

Letter to Philander Chase



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