Submissions from 2024

Mathematics Inspired/Required by Islamic Religious Practices, Abby Maroney, Sophia Czechowski, and Zoey Rockoff

The Life and Legacy of Thabit Ibn Qurra, Sonia Suben, Robin Pratt, and Henry Rodrigues

Submissions from 2021

Comparison and Analysis of Translations of Ibn al-Haytham's Book of Optics, Reese Casais, Alejandro Gonzalez, and Nate Saindon

Al-Kindi: Crytography, Cryptanalysis, Isabelle Chritton, Brookie Wilkens, and Dylan Fuerst

Islam's Imperative Influence, Gavin Trautman, Andrew Hall, and Joe Hindle

Submissions from 2019

Through the Upside Down: Ibn Al-Haytham and the Camera Obscura, Bayla Kamens, Lynn Butzlaff, and Ezra Brown

Tessellations in the Islamic World, Elena Petron, Zara Ali, and Tom Stearns

Submissions from 2018

The House of Wisdom and the Banu Musa Brothers, Amanda Bolton and Ella Wilson

Al Kashi and Ulugh Beg: The Seers of Stars, Jack Cohen and Nick Connelly