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Denis Baly


A portal iwan in the Chaharbagh Madrasa's central court, which "is surrounded by two stories stories of rooms [visible here on the sides of the portal iwan] ... [T]he courtyard of the Madar-i-Shah [i.e. Chaharbagh] madrasa, with its shaded walkways, whitewashed plaster with the vaulting lines picked out in blue, and shimmering tilework reflected in the pool [see B02.098 and B02.099], bestows an air of grace and serenity on the building far greater than its architecture might otherwise merit. The expansive scale and confident massing of forms in the complex set the style for architects in the following two centuries" (196). (For a general description of the Chaharbagh Madrasa, see B02.085). -MA (Source: Blair, Sheila S., and Jonathan M. Bloom. The Art and Architecture of Islam: 1250–1800. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1994.)


Esfahan, Iran



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