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Denis Baly


The Athens church of the Mother of God, known by the name of Kapnikarea, built sometime in the eleventh century and thus one of the oldest churches in Athens. It has been suggested that the church was originally the Katholikon of a Monastery. In a paper on the church published in the Zograf journal, the author Gkioles Nikolaos writes: "The Kapnikarea church must have originally been the Katholikon of a Monastery. Today, the building consists of a complex of three different units joined together; these units were built successively: the most sizeable southern church dedicated to the Presentation of Mary to the Temple, the chapel of St Barbara to the north and the exonarthex with the propylon which are today to the west." -MA (Source: Nikolaos, Gkioles. "The Church of Kapnikarea in Athens: Remarks on its history, typology and form." Zograf 2006-2007.31 (2006): 15. Web. 17 Feb. 2017.)


Athens, Greece



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