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A side view of "the almost completely restored scenae frons of the theater at Sabratha" (Kleiner, 254-5). "The theater was built under Commodus or Septimus Severus, at the same time shipping agents from Sabratha had an office ... in the Piazzale delle Corporazioni at Ostia. Unlike the Miletus nymphaeum and Ephesus library, the Sabratha stage has three stories of columns perfectly aligned one above the other. The architect made this simple design more interesting and complex by setting some of the sections farther back than others and by alternating curved and flat walled surfaces. In the bright light of the North African desert, the columns also cast strong shadows and enliven the facade, which the designer doubtless took into consideration when planning the placement of the columns" (Kleiner, 254-5). For a more detailed description of the monument, see B04.030. -MA (Source: Kleiner, Fred S. A History of Roman art. Boston: Wadsworth, 2010.)


Zawiya District, Libya



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