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Creation Date

18th century (original)






Hand-colored engraving


With frame: 17 3/4 × 13 1/16 × 11/16 in. (45.2 × 33.2 × 1.7 cm)

Credit Line

Long-term Loan from the Estate of Boris Blick, 2015

Accession Number



According to Professor Sarah Blick, this print was possibly purchased by Boris Blick from Stagecoach Antiques (now closed) in Akron, Ohio.

Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings

Beneath image, within print border, upper left: "Definé par S. Freudeberg .", upper right: "Gravé por N. De Launay Graveur du Rey .", center: "LE PETIT | JOUR . / A Monsieur De Sandoz Rollin | Counseiller D' Ambassade / De La Majesté | le Roy de Prusse ."

Beneath image, within print border, lower left: "A Paris chez l'Auteur rue de la Bucherie , / la Porte Chocere aprèz la rue des Rats .", lower right, "Par sen très humble et tres obéissant Serviteur , / Nic. De Launay ."

[The mark "|" indicates where the words are divided by a coat of arms]

Beneath coat of arms within print border, directly: "A.P. D.R.", flanking: "Tiré du Cabinet | de Monsieur Sandoz Rollin."

Beneath image and print border, center: "MAREL", right: "Imp. Geny-gros Paris"

Creator Biography

Nicolas de Launay, French, 1739–1792 (engraver of original).

Sigmond Freudeberg, Swiss, 1745–1801 (drawer of original).

Geny-gros, French, dates unknown (engraver of reproduction).


Engraving of a morning scene between a wealthy couple. A maid helps a woman into her dress as her husband sits in conversation with her nearby.

The print also addresses, in the largest type, "Monsieur De Sandoz Rollin Conseiller D'Ambassade De La Majesté le Roy de Prusse," referring to Baron David Alphonse Sandoz-Rollin (1740–1809), envoy of the King of Prussia to France.