J. W. Williams



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Hopkins pamphlet raises a storm in Vermont, and Chase (?) had to suppress it. Happy McIlvaine published his article in "Western Episcopalian"




letter, Williams, McIlvaine


[?] Feb 21, 1863

My dear Bishop,

I [?] you the remarkable letter from Maryland. This, certainly, a comfort to read such good words.

Our [?], Hopkins [?], like a good many other things of his - was [neither] exactly one thing nor another. It was published, and then - so Chase says - it [?] such a storm in Vermont, that he had to suppress it, and his & the stars & stripes on his House, to save a mobbing. Still, some copies got out, and, I fancy, more at the South than any where else. The thing came to the somewhat [?] result of “suicide committed by somebody else.”

What [?] [?] - about which you kindly enquire - warmly a [?] astride intended to show my over people what a mess of stuff the book was. The Wartime Episcopalian did me the honor to copy it. [?] you [?] little astride to the same [?]. I want to keep my people on the guard, for all around us the book will soak. i don’t think it will do much among us.

Have you seen the article on Legislation in the Observer?

Very Sincerely,

Your friend also,

J.W. Williams

Letter to Charles Petit McIlvaine