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Hao HONG 洪浩


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Project on Paper

Exhibition Event Title

Frontier: Re-assessment of Post-Globalisational Politics

Date of Exhibition Event

December 30, 2017 - March 11, 2018

Location of Exhibition Event

OCAT Shanghai


Skil screen


56 x 78 cm


This work series takes form of an antique Chinese book. The book formality lends the contents presented a SENSE of authenticity and credibility, regardless of their actual representations. Under such a trustworthy veneer, Hong Hao took his liberty in distorting the accuracy of the materials in the "book". For example, in a page "recording" the world-map, the size of each nation does not accord with the actual geography, but is compromised to Hong's -- also extending to those of people in his culture -- understanding of the international power dynamics, with the larger nation on map represents greater power and vice versa. "To seek for some 'almost truth', something detached from reality but has invaded people cognition" sets the goal of this work series. (Leng, In the Strategy - The Meaning of Hong Hao's "Classics", 1995, JiangSu Painting Publication, available on Zhou Documents) (OCAT Shanghai, [Works of Hong Hao], 2018, available on https://www.trueart.com/news/229455.html) (Jerry Wu'23).



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