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Oil Painting by Yang Keqin. Yang was born in 1963 in Xinjiang, China. She is a graduate of Xinjiang Normal University and Central Academy for Arts with both degrees in oil painting. She has won multiple awards for her oil paintings, such as the Nomination Prize for her work "Lock" at the first Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting in 1993. In 1995, her private series "Water Pipes, No. 3" was shown at the exhibition "Women's Approach to Chinese Contemporary Art". The same year her series "Water Pipes, No. 7" was shown at the Exhibition of Chinese Women Artists. She has had multiple solo exhibitions at the Chinese National Gallery. Most of her work has to do with the woman question "What is woman?", as well as contortions and reanimations of everyday objects. “The question of the artist is exactly the same as the question of the woman in its complexity” (Yang Ke Qin). Art critic Liu Xiao Chun has expressed high praise on Yang’s ability to decompose and reform simple and ordinary images with great vigor, revealing their inner beauty and strength. (Nicole Wang '26).


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