Zhou Yan Contemporary Chinese Art Archive 周彦当代中国艺术档案



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Mixed materials on canvas


162 × 130cm


This work is to mock stamp design which belongs to the ”Big Stamp” series. Light purple lines composed the frame of this stamp. At the inner ring of the frame, there are four squares and four rectangles painted in blue and light purple, small black dots are filled in these color blocks. Between these squares and rectangles, there are eight squares and each has been divided into nine equal spaces. Inside the square spaces, patterns like upside-down triangle, human hand or foot, and swastika are depicted. These elements change their location as the square changes. But there is always one Daoist trigram in the center of the squares. Plus, there are faded black circles stamped inside the rectangular frame that is composed by the color blocks and squares. At the center of the composition, two male diagrams are depicted in different Tai Chi movements. The left side of the diagrams are filled with small dots, and the right side are painted with several red curvy lines from head to foot. Hence, one small stamp is applied at the upper right corner of the central rectangle. See the link below for the back of this photograph. (Yifan Shang ‘25)



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