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Yong SHI 施勇


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Shanghai, China


For the artwork's record: print on paper For artwork itself: camera, public telephone, and more


The artist first dispatched a few cameramen to follow a participant of the work and to record him all the way with the artwork program. When the participant arrived at the first designated spot for this artwork -- a public telephone booth -- he was asked to dial to a person from the saved contacts from his phone. If the dial failed, he would then just dial the next person in line. As the being-called answered the phone, he/she was invited to share his/her current location. If a location was collected, the artist team would pin down the location on a prepared map. The artists then connected the two points of 1) where the telephone booth was, and 2) the shared location of the being-called visually on the map. After a connection line was constructed, the next public telephone booth to carry on the same procedures was found anywhere along the connection line. And the artwork continued, until 8 p.m. on Nov. 26, 1994. This work is a curious exploration on time and space. As time elapses constantly, regularly, and incessantly, space, under artificial commands, emerge only contingently, without a pattern to follow. (SHI, "Project Pr oject Proposal - City Space: Mo oposal - City Space: Move ⟷ Leap 21 Hours Leap 21 Hours 城市空间:移动⟷跳跃21小时", 1994, available on Zhou Document) (Jerry Wu'23).



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