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Oil on canvas / (perhaps) sculpture


(Note: No caption is provided for the works, the works are only attributed to the "Infant" series) In the "Infant" series, Ma inserted his -- an adult's -- countenance into bodies of infants, across mediums of painting and sculpture. As expressed in his action arts, Ma's "Infant" series renders the multiplicity of identities in one body and Ma's explorations of these identities. The adulthood written on the figure's face and the infancy prescribed by his body are no doubt paradoxical, yet they still coexist in figure's sole body. The "absurdity (荒谬)” or the motif of anti-convention might be the highlights of the series. (Jin,Art of Ma Liuming 马六明的艺术,2016,Meishu Wenxian 美术文献, issue 10, ISSN:1673-4858); see also (Lu, 感悟生命 ——关于马六明的绘画创作, YaChang Art, available on https://news.artron.net/20191102/n1063955.html) (Jerry Wu'23).



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