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Exhibition Event Title

A Joint Exhibition of Big Tail Elephant Group, 大尾象聯合藝術展

Date of Exhibition Event

October 21 to November 1, 1992

Location of Exhibition Event

Guangdong Broadcast/Television University, Guangzhou, China

Rights Holder

Lydia Ngai, Head Librarian, 11/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; Tel: (852) 28151112; Fax: (852) 28150032; Email: Lydia@aaa.org.hk; Liang Juhui


Bamboo, fibre wood, stone, paint, and lantern.


This installation is comprised of majorly four parts. At the center erects a black column, whose surface is painted in black. The black column is convolved by some braided ropes, signaling the interdependence of natural beings. Placed around the column are four egg-shaped Wisteria, with red lights installed inside. Surrounds the Wisterias are two speakers playing human voice. Around the column and its attachments, three groups of bamboos are arrayed orderly and directed to the central column. Each group of bamboos consists 12 of them, of which are painted in green and have a red light installed in their hollowed inner to highlights its mysteriousness. (LIANG, "Note on 'Movement · The Rudiments of Embryo', Available on ZHOU documents) (Jerry Wu'23).



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